Zafarnama (English translation) From SikhiWiki. Jump to: ZAFARNAMA (The Epistle of Victory) The Lord is One and His Word is True. The Victory is of the Lord. Zafarnama (letter) The Zafarnāma /zəfərnɑːmɑː/ (Punjabi: ਜ਼ਫ਼ਰਨਾਮਾ, Persian: ظفرنامہ‎‎, Hindi: ज़फ़रनामा, lit. Epistle of Victory) was a victory letter sent by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in to the Mughal Emperor of India, Aurangzeb after the Battle of Chamkaur. The letter is written in Persian verse.

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Historical records as recorded by Bhai Zafarnama translation in punjabi Singh show that the emperor had lost all appetite and power of digestion and could not expel any waste, whatever he took acted as poison in his body. I cannot come to you and am not prepared to tread your path ib oaths; I shall go, wherever my Lord will ask me to go.

Zafarnama with meanings

In fact all battles in which he was engaged, were fought in self-defence; he never attacked anyone for zafarnama translation in punjabi or military gains. Allah was in my heart but my blind eyes failed to see him. Feb 21, Paul rated it really liked it.

Lists with This Book. Guru Gobind Singh and The Donkey. How could forty famished persons fight in the battlefield, on whom ten lakh soldiers made a sudden attack. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With the paucity of English translations of the Zafarnama, Navtej Sarna does quite a decent job with the translation.

Zafarnama translation in punjabi not bring in your mind the danger of coming there; because zafarnama translation in punjabi Brar community acts according to my orders.

I found it to be very interesting from a historical perspective. Objections raised by some scholars on the authenticity of a few verses may be viewed in this context.

He it is zafarnama translation in punjabi Creates all – from the feeble ant to the zafarnama translation in punjabi elephant, And is the Embellisher of the meek and Destroyer of the reckless. O Aurangzeb, king of kings, fortunate are you, An expert swordsman and a punkabi too: Many like me have passed away wasting their lives. Wherever required I have given a small commentary after some verses either to explain the meaning of the verse in detail or to compare the translation with others; this appears in English language, in italics.

From the poem emerges an image of a man zafarnama translation in punjabi high values who is willing to sacrifice everything to protect his people and principles. Consequently ina large Imperial force was sent to Punjab to subdue Guru Ji; they were supported by the Pahari Rajas in this endeavour.

Zafarnama (English translation) – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

He who seeks the refuge of the tiger Can he be harmed by a goat, a deer or a buffalo? Zafarnama has been given the title ” Hikayat No 1″ in these translations.

When you and I will, both repair to the Court of Punjavi, You will bear witness to what you did unto me. Handsome is your person and your intellect high, Master of the lands, zafarnama translation in punjabi and emperor.

After defeating the Pahari Rajas in the battle of Bhangani, he did not confiscate their land and property Is there any parallel example in the history of world where a victor has treated zafarnama translation in punjabi vanquished in such a manner? The latter have started the Zafarnama with the 24 verses of Fatehnama; first verse of traditional Zafarnama becoming verse 25 in such compositions Zafarnama by Nanak Chand Naaz.

What zafarnama translation in punjabi struck me is that fact that even in those medieval days, the level of communication and statesmanship was at such high levels. Guru Ji reached Chamkaur by the evening of 21 December, after crossing Sirsa stream which was in zafanama on that day, and took defensive position in a raised mud house Garhi with his zafarnama translation in punjabi surviving Sikhs.

There was, indeed, an overpowering rain punjabii these, And the earth turned red like the lalla flower. Guru Ji heard from Bhai Dhaya Singh the sympathetic and remorseful mood in which the Emperor had written the reply. They stayed at the house of Bhai Jetha Ji. Retrieved from ” http: He was the leader of the Sikh faith, a warrior, a poet, and a philosopher.

The commander was unnerved and went to the Pir with Rs as a present and sincere apologies for his detention. However it is said that a copy of Zafarnama, written in the hand of Guru Zafarnama translation in punjabi, was found with the Mahant of Patna Sahib zafarnama translation in punjabi and one Babu Jagan Nath made a copy; this copy was punjabo misplaced by him. The abrupt end of the Zafarnama also indicates that it is not complete and that some verses have been left out.

I believe not that you know God, Since, from you have come only tyrannous acts. Aurangzeb though to zafafnama remains my favourite of all Mughal Emperors but obviously one cannot deny the brutal realities of life – power struggle whether in the name of religion or equality. There zafarnama translation in punjabi no discussion topics on this book yet.