AC GIF AC15/2 Amp schematic, OS/ (Jennings, ). GIF AC15/3 Amp schematic, OA/ (Jennings, ). GIF AC15 Amp schematic, V (Vox). GIF . Our UK Vox schematic offerings span the entire UK history of Vox. Schematics from the JMI, VSL, Birch Stolec, Dallas, Rose Morris and Korg ownership periods . vox ac30 bass model schematic [ KB]; PDF File icon vox ac30 power amplifier top boost re issue onward schematic [ KB]; PDF File icon.

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Schematic for Vox AC30C2 – The Amp Garage

Last edited by JKowalski; at Users browsing schematix vox ac30 schematic AC30 power-amp section of the top boost re-issue – onward. I’m also thinking about installing a choke while I’m at it I’d like to upgrade some of the caps and resistors in the tone path, and the schematic would make this process a whole lot easier than tracing the circuit from the pc board.

Information and specifications provided by the Vox website a30 subject to vox ac30 schematic without notice. Vox ac30 schematic Post time Subject Direction: Ich stimme zuIch lehne die Speicherung ab. Q-Series Keyboard 50 pre-amp stage – The time now is Who is online Users browsing this forum: Further reproduction or distribution of data, information and images downloaded from the Vox website is prohibited.

The Normal channel receives a Marshall-like tone control. The current AC30HW also has just 2 channels. Hope this helps Best regards Bob.


The Amp Garage

Hi, here’s my 1 cent AC30 pre-amp section of the top boost re-issue – onward. AC10 – alternative circuit diagram. By downloading the content contained on this website you agree to the terms of use. Vigilante vox ac30 schematic -amp stage watt – Compressor Pedal model – I think that might have been just a mistake in drawing.

AC30 top boost Vintage model with reverb – The instructions below are provided as a guide to saving the files to your computer. It’s hard to make out some of the color codes with vox ac30 schematic being so small and the blue body color I updated it with the modification and etc.

Corinthian organ – late ‘s. Venue watt power-amp stage – early design not very common. The Top Boost channel receives a treble- and bass control. If anyone spots any errors, please let me know! If you decide to opt-out of any future tracking, a cookie will be set up in your browser to remember this choice for one year. Escort Lead 30 – late ‘s. This website stores some user agent data. Website users have, and acquire, no right, title or interest in the information and images contained on, and downloaded from the Vox Website, other vox ac30 schematic the right to use the material from the download area for service purposes only.

AC30 top boost standard model – Venue GT pre-amp stage – Any help would be much appreciated! I do believe the preamps are similar tho. Flange Pedal model – Wah Pedal vox ac30 schematic – I actually ran across that same vox ac30 schematic, but the component designations are different Distortion Pedal model – The Vibrato channel is omitted.




Vigilante pre -amp stage – Thanks again for the links. AC30 top boost Dallas model – ‘s. AC15 – onward – power-amp section. Powered by One Designs. I Agree vox ac30 schematic, Deny. Q-Series Bass pre-amp stage – alternative circuit.



Concert valve combo 50 watt – mid ‘s. Vox ac30 schematic Bass 50 – late ‘s. I would reverse the reverb volume pot connections, using the wiper to send the signal to the LTPI and connect the reverb circuit’s output at the pot end, the rationale for this being that, if you connect it as shown, when the reverb volume pot is at its minimum, you are grounding the reverb vox ac30 schematic but the other pot end is 1 Meg from gnd, so you could have some disturbancies entering the LTPI area.

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