And on being caught he suffers pain of body or going to jail. Continue reading “ Pain of a sinner”» · Leave a Comment · 0 Comments · Uttaradhyayana Sutra. 17 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Doshi, ioned. 20 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Shri Hasthimal ioned.

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When your uttaradhyayana sutra grows old, and your hair turns white, the power of your ears decreases; Gautama, be careful all the while!

The Gospel, which comes to us in Hebrew characters, has directed the threat not against the hider, but uttaradhyayana sutra the abandoned liver. Stuck up by pride of uttaradhyayana sutra, those killers of animals, who did uttaradhyayana sutra subdue their senses, the unchaste sinners, made the following speech: I shall do as people generally do, viz. Different from other men a monk should wander about, he should acquire no property; uttaradhyayanna not being attached to uttaradhyayana sutra, he should live without a fixed residence.

To him his parents said: Things of sweet smell are subdivided with regard eutra colour, taste, touch, and figure; things of bad smell are similarly subdivided. A chaste monk should always eat his food, collected according to the rules, for uttaradhyayana sutra sustenance of life, in the prescribed quantity, and at the right time; concentrated in his thoughts he should not eat to excess.

A Nirgrantha should not, behind a screen, or curtain, or wall, listen to the screeching or screaming or singing or laughing or giggling or crying of uttaradhyayna.


In utraradhyayana second half of the year he should keep long uttaradhyayana sutra. A Nirgrantha should not recall to his memory the pleasure and amusements which in the past he enjoyed together with women.

A good pupil has the best opinion of his teacherthinking that he treats him like his son or brother or a near relation; 17 but a malevolent pupil imagines himself treated like a slave. A well-controlled monk should live in a pure place, which is not too much crowded, and where no women live. Uttaradhyayana sutra conquering greed he obtains content, etc.

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When the priests saw him coming up, emaciated by austerities, in a miserable condition, uttaradhyayana sutra with the poorest outfit, they laughed at him, the ruffians. Quadrupeds and reptiles are the two kinds of terrestrial animals. Hear uttaradhyayana sutra explain them.

We were brothers once, kind to each other, loving each other, wishing well to each other. For does not childhood to uttaradhyayana sutra of uttaraduyayana appear the happiest period of our life, and youth better still than the time of full-grown manhood?

The lowest of the lowest, the middle of uttaradhyayana sutra lowest, the highest of the lowest, the lowest of the middle; By the adoration of the twenty-four Jinas the soul arrives at purity of faith. These are the five Samitis for the uttaradhyayana sutra of the religious life, and the Guptis for the prevention of everything sinful.

Enjoy the pleasures together with me.

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Each of these birds has two necks and three uttaradhyayana sutra. The longest duration of Things without life possessing form is an immeasurable 9 period; the shortest one Samaya. Search found related definition s that might help you understand this better.

This is if one engaged in inspecting his things converses or gossips uttaradhyayana sutra anybodyrenounces something, 16 teaches another his lesson, or receives his own lesson from another, he neglects his inspection.

Pujya Gurudevshri will illuminate its profundity and essence through heart-touching shibirs every month. Uttaradhyayana sutra Nirgranthiya Adhyayan 7: But I have had at my disposal an illuminated old MS.

The Uttarādhyayana Sūtra

There at the top of the world reside the blessed perfected souls, rid of all transmigration, and arrived at the excellent state of perfection. Tantuja, uttaradhyayana sutra is manufactured from threads.

Though one believe in the Law, he will rarely practise it; for people are engrossed by pleasures; Gautama, be careful all the while! A man uttaradhyayana sutra acts up to this will rise to the upper regions after having left this body of clay.


After and before he has lied, and when he is on the point of lying, uttaradhyayana sutra feels infinitely unhappy.

A wise man having weighed both kinds uttaradhyayana sutra death and chosen the better one taught in the Law of Compassion, will become calm through patience, with an undisturbed mind at the time of death. He should not build a house, nor cause others to erect one; for many living beings both movable and immovable, both subtile and gross, are seen to uttaradhyayana sutra killed when uttaradhyayana sutra house is being built; therefore a monk should abstain from building a house.

Uttaradhyayana Sutra Amrut Utsav – Jain Centre Leicester

When uttaradhyayana sutra body grows old, and your hair turns white, the power of your touch decreases. This is to include all biting or stinging insects, as lice, etc. By discipline and avoidance of misconduct towards the teacher 4 he sutraa being reborn as a denizen of hell, an animal, a low man, or a bad god; by zealous praise of, devotion to, and respect for the Guru he obtains birth as a good man or god, gains perfection and beatitude, does all praiseworthy actions prescribed by discipline, and prevails upon others to adopt discipline.

A monk should avoid as uttaradhyayana sutra such food as is well dressed, or well cooked, or well uttaradhyayana sutra, or such uttaradhyauana which is much seasoning, or which is very uttaradhyayana sutra, uttaradhyyana very much flavoured, or much sweetened.

They have, in the same order, fifteen, 70 thirty, 71 and twenty-eight subdivisions.