Service Management Fundamentals (also USMBOK™ Foundation). The definitive course on managing service in the experiential economy. (2). 12 students. As the authors of USMBOK state, “USMBOK includes a set of generally accepted terms, methods, concepts and best practices”. The framework “introduces. The latest Tweets from USMBOK (@usmbok). Information, news and discussion around the Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK).

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The YaSM process for setting up the service management system SMS is responsible for defining, maintaining, reviewing and improving a set of service management processes and policies.

YaSM’s uwmbok relationship management process is in charge of communicating with existing and potential new customers in order to identify the customers’ needs and opportunities for providing services. Set the strategic direction ; LP4. Blame the people who pursued ITIL the wrong way. Write a customer review. The YaSM process for building new services includes activities for testing the required service components before they are being deployed.

The USMBOK Reference Model | Service Management

Data collection and service level reporting is the responsibility of service operation. The YaSM processes stated here are examples for processes where opportunities are identified to increase the value of services delivered to customers.

The service build process is responsible for creating and rolling out new or changed service infrastructure, which includes uambok the physical storage and packaging of infrastructure components before their deployment. Instead, many providers build from the inside, focusing on the “nuts and bolts” and ignoring what those nuts and bolts ultimately ysmbok.


ITIL’s ambiguity can lead some people to misinterpret the intent.

Build new or changed services ; LP4: All the complex mechanics on the inside are meaningless to them. Most commercial frameworks leave it to the professional to figure usjbok how they can turn the concepts into actionable recommendations. Its aim is not to provide a detailed and scientifically correct cross-reference between the two frameworks.

Kenneth Gonzalez Research Analyst, Gartner.

The YaSM process for building new services is responsible usmhok deploying the required service components. This inside-out thinking is destructive and must go. The YaSM process most directly associated with assessing the service provider’s targeted markets, high-level customer needs and competitors is the strategic process.

Service operation will be responsible for ksmbok capacity and performance levels, which allows the service improvement process to initiate corrective measures through service improvement plans if capacity must be adjusted or performance enhanced. I am a long-time advocate of the principles behind ITIL, but USMBOK is far superior and actually more concise in how it explains these principles and connects them for better outside-in thinking. Requirements from the customer viewpoint for new or significantly changed services are defined as part of YaSM’s service design process.


Availability requirements uambok defined during the service design stage, and services are then built with those requirements in mind. YaSM puts the service design process in charge of designing new releases versions of services and their supporting infrastructure. The actual modifications to the CMS are mostly performed by other service management processes. The service owners are ultimately responsible for delivering the agreed service levels and play a key role in these activities.


Get to Know Us. The service improvement process contains activities for identifying better ways of providing the services.

The USMBOK guide includes a description of the service lifecycle, representing significant ussmbok stages from identification of an opportunity to provide a service to service retirement.

Manage configuration information ; SP In particular, the configuration manager is responsible for specifying what types of CIs are to be controlled, and who is authorized to modify those CIs and the related contents of the CMS.

YaSM treats applications as a particular type of service infrastructure. Showing of 5 reviews. Operate the services ; SP This effectively includes the definition of the service provider’s quality management system.