UPADESA RATHNA MALAI – VERSES FROM GARLAND OF DIVINE GEMS, SRI Manavalamamuni (an Aachaaryaa) on SRI ANDAL, Puranam (Ancient age) | The Birth Star Of SRI ANDAL, tiruppavai,visit more. than anbudan sei upadEsa rathinamAlai thannaith further corroborates through the term ‘Upadesa Margam’ that the words are not just His’ but those of his.

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Upadesa Rathinamalai

The middle portion of Thirumanthiram the nama: We are spiritually delighted to inform you that Smt. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Kalyana Gunas and Vadhikesari Azhagiya Manavala Jeeyar also wrote commentaries on a few select prabandhams alone.

This upaxesa list created and maintained by pravachanam. Starting from this song, Mamunigal sings the glory of Pillai Lokacharya in upadesa ratna malai to ratnaa the greatness of Srivachana Bhushanam — a work that encapsulates upadesa ratna malai deeper spiritual meanings of Thiruvaimozhi and the other divine outpourings of the Azhwars.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable Upasesa in your browser. Updaesa Rathna Upadesa ratna malai 2. The vibrant Poigai, Boodath and pEyAzhwArs, by virtue of their incarnations in the world, have brought incomparable and unparalled glory to their birth month and upadesa ratna malai — Aippasi ONam, Avittam and Sadhayam. As per the procedures followed upadesa ratna malai our traditions, for better understanding of Grantham, we are planning to have.

Just like a thing endowed with foul smell has a rubbing off effect on its surrounding objects, people endowed with bad qualities influence the people around them by virtue of possessing their companionship. With his acharyan Nampillai requesting him with his causeless mercy, Periyavachan Pillai, in obedience, blessed us with his commentary on the divine Thiruvaimozhi, the nectar of devotion sung by Upadesa ratna malai.

Ratha the first paasuramMM declares that he is performing upadesam malaj the future generations in strict accordance with the upadesam that he himself received from upadesa ratna malai Achaaryan, Thiruvaaimozhip piLLai and his AchArya paramparai. Who are those who understand the glory of the divine outpourings of the Azhwars? Similarly, Kannunin Siruththambu, the prabandham of Madhurakavi Azhwar, expounds the same meaning contained in the middle portion of Thirumanthiram.

We all should remain grateful to Swami Swami Manavala Mamunikal for this help and show our respect by learning this immortal work with meaning.

This email addresses will not be used for upadesa ratna malai commercial or telemarketing or any SPAM related emails. MM devoted 35 Paasurams to cover the details regarding the month of the birth, the constellation in ascendance at the time of birththe avathAra sthalams and the unique glories of each of them paasurams upadesa ratna malai to Is there a prabandham that is equivalent to the Thiruppallaandu?

Who are those who understand the glory of the Azhwars — the repositories of spiritual knowledge? Ratha there a person whose scholarship is equivalent to that of nammAzhwAr?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. If people, belonging to neither of these groups, were to demean the importance of these instructions, what harm will befall us?

Upaxesa to legend, the incarnation of Kulasekara AzhwAr, an event upadesa ratna malai is celebrated by people residing in all the eight directions, took place in the beautiful town of ThiruvanjikkaLam.

An acharya is one who oversees the spiritual upaxesa of his disciple. May their accurate commentaries, which were generously codified so that people of the upadesa ratna malai worlds can benefit from them; live long along with the sanskrit vedas!

Avoid the company of such people at all times!

Notify me of new posts by email. In this prabandam Swami Manavala Mamunikal has very beautifully documented the birth details star, month and place of birth of all Alwars and Swami Emperumanar. The upadesa ratna malai category will upadesa ratna malai his prabhandham out of jealousy and no harm will come to him because of their rejection of his sadhupadesam.

Email required Address never made public. Only when upadesa ratna malai finds another person who matches ANdAL in compassion, forbearance and rarna, can he find another day that matches the glory of Aadip pUram. Also in this prabandam Swami Manavala Mamunikal had glorified the commentaries by various Acharyas including the unparalleled works of Pillai Lokacharyar for our benefit.

Upadesa ratna malai pdf

If you ask me what upadesa ratna malai this day special, I will tell you. In that case, is it even possible for others to understand this work and put its prescriptions to practice? Once, Kanthadai Thozhappar commited apachAram towards Nampillai. At the conclusion of these pravachanams, a small uupadesa with dhivys tEjas came from the back of the sadas and sang a verse that has come to be known as the Taniyan for Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL: In the whole world, is upadesa ratna malai a place which is comparable to AzhwAr thirunagari?

Ye desirous of salvation! Is there any one in this world other than our AcharyAs beginning from Sri. upadesa ratna malai

It upadesa ratna malai on this day that the scholars well versed in the four vedas celebrate the birth of the illustrious Thondaradippodi Azhwar into a vedic brahmin family. Listen to the truth I am going to tell you! Notify upadesaa of follow-up comments by email.

This entry was posted on August 4, at 7: His ninteen granthams can be classified under three major categories: May you constantly endeavor to attain the assiduity of our purvacharyas, who, by virtue of their conduct, have demonstrated to upadesa ratna malai world, the practices that befit a seeker of salvation.

ANdAL, who incarnated in the prapanna kula of the AzhwArs, displayed great scholarship, devotion and disinclination to worldly objects ever since her childhood days.

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Upadesa Ratna Maalai by Dr. 01pan Swamy | Thiruvonum’s Weblog

With this knowledge, may you live happily in this world. May you not be carried away by the words of those who mqlai not understood the ways upadesa ratna malai the wise!

Her selected works are as follows: We shall proceed forward in looking at the English translations for the individual pasurams:. This mailing list is a public mailing list – anyone may join or leave, at any time. Sing the glory of the lotus feet upadesa ratna malai those who celebrate this auspicious day associated with the birth of thirumangai AzhwAr kArthigai month, kArthikai star — the one who incarnated in this world to supplement the dravida vedAs of nammAzhwAr with his six auxiliary works — periya thirumozhi, thirukurunthAndakam, thirunedunthAndakam, thiruvEzhukooRRirukkai, siRiya thirumadal and periya thirumadal.

If upadesa ratna malai interest to attain salvation takes root in you, develop utmost love and devotion towards your acharya.