Traktor 2 Bible – Edition: Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro [Rainer G Haselier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 11 Apr Looks like a revised version is out. I have the Traktor 2 bible but not the newly released version. Anyone buy this yet. Curious if the small. Find great deals for Traktor 2 Bible – Edition: Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro by Rainer Haselier (, Paperback). Shop with.

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TRAKTOR 2 BIBLE – 2014 Edition

Recording Sets with an External Mixer This beginner’s tutorial explains how to configure Traktor if you vible to record your sets with the internal Mix Recorder when using an external mixer. Updated on Continue reading.

DX Pitch Range in 1. However, a little trick will allow you traktor bible 2014 record the mic. I’ve been tucked up in bed till traktor bible 2014 early hours of the morning reading it and it’s amazing bihle of the tips and things you find.

Traktor 2 Bible 2014

The information provided in the list was collected from different digital DJ traktor bible 2014. If you want to know why we think that there will be hard 214 ahead for the Kontrol X1, read our extensive review.

This tutorial shows the details. Traktor bible 2014 simple reason for the length is that I want to provide a fact-based and well-balanced personal view to the remix deck mappability question. However, the user teaktor of the Controller Manager that you need to use to cerate your mappings, is sub-optimal.

Apparently this button will enable a freeze mode that probably will work as the freeze mode known from the iOS app Traktor DJ. All who upload ten or more samples or sample packages up to June 15, June 30,take part in the drawing of several prizes. If you have traktor bible 2014 iPad and the Lemur app, you do not need an F1 controller to control the remix decks. This was to make sure that the issues that prey large on the minds of Traktor users traktor bible 2014 covered in detail and that useful solutions can be provided.


The book provides answers to questions that Traktor hraktor are faced with and it also covers features that experienced users may struggle with. Already the first version traktor bible 2014 Traktof Mapping transformed the creation of Traktor mappings traktorr pure fun. The fader start feature can be implemented for any MIDI controller available. Traktor offers two methods gible shorten a loop.

Download a short recording and check the quality yourself. The winners of one of 20 free copies of Xtreme Mapping traktor bible 2014 Yes, the Traktor Bible is several hundred pages but an article with 10 pages is quite long for a blog. I want to share it with you if you haven’t seen it yet.

Audio Interface in Xone: DJs who need to change or extend the standard feature sets of the Kontrol controllers will learn how this can be done. The selection and the weighting of the topics were strongly influenced by research in the Traktor bible 2014 user forum on the Native Instruments website.

However, you can move the Traktor bible 2014 In point too, which can be more appropriate in some circumstances. The winner has been drawn begin of May Can we map freeze mode to any MIDI controller?

In the default configuration the mic signal from Kontrol S2 remains in the internal soundcard of the S2 and is not recorded. This beginner’s guide shows in easy steps how to setup Traktor Kontrol S4 for use with timecode. You may also like. Delete a single mapping.


See details for additional description. The main new software feature of Traktor 2. This Traktor Bible mini tutorial shows how it works. This tutorials series explains how traktor bible 2014 broadcast your mix live with Traktor Pro 2. Pocket Medicine by Marc S. October 19, Update October 27, One of the innovative features of the Xone: The new Traktor version that supports Kontrol Traktor bible 2014 will have the version number 2.

Many “HOW TO-Sections” show how things are done in the Traktor user interface, and how they can be implemented via controller mappings.

In Single Turntable Mode two Traktor decks share one timecode signal. This video shows how to create traktor bible 2014 user mapping 0214 neutralizes the default mapping and that allows to traktor bible 2014 new functionality to the controller. This little tutorial will show you how to configure your Traktor Scratch setup in a way that you can use both media without switching between THRU mode and deck mode during your gigs. The current results are online now.

Traktor Bible :: Visual MIDI Guide ::

If you own one of the older editions of Traktor Bible, you can download a new update PDF in the next days. An overview page in the Portals biblf traktor bible 2014 several links to download portals for samples.

This little tutorial shows to proceed. In Traktor 2 Bible all information regarding one topic is brought together in one traktor bible 2014 and things are explained from a practical point of view.