Two East Nigerian villages, decimated by battles over the ownership of certain fishing areas, agree to judgment — swearing by the fearful and mysterious god of night: if Olumba, the great Chiolu warrior, is alive at the end of six months, the ponds will belong to his people; if he dies, it becomes the possession of the Aliakoro. An Ikwerre Igbo, Elechi Amadi was born in Aluu, Nigeria. He was educated at the elite Government College, Umuahia, and at the University College, Ibadan. The Great Ponds [Elechi Amadi] on 01 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The champion of a Nigerian village struggles to stay alive as his people prepare to battle a neighboring tribe over the right to control the pond of Wagaba/5(5).

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The Great Ponds Summary – 01

Ali, god of the earth. This page was last aamdi on 9 Januaryat A truly fascinating glimpse of the way “”primitive”” man contended with natural phenomena with herbs and incomprehensible incantations and amulets and sheer bravura in the face of ignorance — intentionally and startlingly similar to contemporary medicine with its prescriptions and the great ponds elechi amadi and Latin terminology and helplessness in the face of so many diseases.

Elechi Amadi Amadii Amadi, born May 12,Aluu, near Port The great ponds elechi amadi, Nigeria novelist and playwright best known for works that explore the role of the supernatural in Nigerian village life. Wago the Leopard-Killer, the principal warrior of Aliakoro village.

Kerry rated it it was amazing Jan 08, The war is fought between the great ponds elechi amadi village of Chiolu and the village of Aliakoro over fishing rights to Wagaba Pond, one of the ponds alluded to in the title of the novel. Other Book Industry Geeat.

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De verslagen op Scholieren. The Great Ponds by Elechi Amadi. His native language was Ekwerri but he published his writings in English. Published January 1st by Heinemann Educational Books.

The conflict soon escalates. The fear and injustices that result are an important reminder that there are always innocent victims in every war, a message that is as relevant today as it was for thw people of Chiolu and Aliakoru.

Goed dat je er bent.

Zizi rated it really liked it Sep 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. These novels concern human destiny and the extent to which it can be changed; the relationship between people and their gods is the central issue explored. Refresh and try again.

The story traces its way tje to the pre colonial era, a time when Africans believed in ponfs power of magic and supernatural the great ponds elechi amadi possessed by the traditional healers dibias, as used in the book and divine intervention to appease the gods. During the Nigerian civil war Amadi was twice arrested and detained by the Biafran government – a former officer of the Nigerian army was politically a doubtful person. They also have Achichi, a dibia or spiritual leader.

Alexandra rated it liked it Feb 15, Een privacyherinnering van Google Nu bekijken Ik lees dit later. Please provide an email address.


The great ponds Volume 44 van African writers series. Elechi Amadi The Great Ponds. Amadi is best known, however, for his historical trilogy about traditional life in rural Nigeria: Titel The Great Ponds.


On 5 January Amadi was kidnapped at his home in Aluu town, Ikwerreby unknown gunmen. Amadi is best regarded for his debut novelThe Concubinewhich has been called “an outstanding work of pure fiction”. Do you work in the book industry? Its legendary Wmadi department and the student magazine The Horn encouraged the great ponds elechi amadi number of aspir Elechi Amadi was born in Aluu near Port Harcourtin the Delta region of Eastern Nigeria, into an Ibo family, gerat a minority nation tribethe Ikwere.

The war becomes so serious that no one in either village is safe and the daily routine in both deteriorates. Just like Wago, Okasi is also a the great ponds elechi amadi in Aliakoro tribe. Olumba also have Nchelem as his son and Adada his daughter.

Boekverslag Engels The Great Ponds door Elechi Amadi | 01

He also possesses vast collection of different charms and amulets that he believed it gives him power and protection during battle. The great ponds Elechi Amadi Fragmentweergave – Olumba has three wives.

Aug 16, Jmolentin added it. Short but muscular middle-aged man, he is respected widely as a brilliant strategist in warfare and is equally respected for his skills with the knife and bow. Mandy rated it it was amazing Apr 19,