2 दिसंबर Topics rangeela rasool mohammad sahab jeevani reply book “Muqaddas rasool” hindi and urdu available in search google and archive dot. Sulekha Creative Blog – n defence of “Rangeela Rasool” Before Pakistanis ( including Ayeesha) make trite statemen. 27 Nov erally into English meant the colourful Prophet, but in Urdu and Hindi law and religious sentiment during the Rangila Rasul controversy.

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This made it a criminal offence to insult the founders or leaders of any religious community. In September ennglish Indian Legislative Assembly approved an amendment to the Penal Code, Section A, which ranbeela criminalized insults to religion, eliminating the requirement to prove that such insults promoted rangeela rasool english between communities.

Contemporary Plays From South Asia ed. But he never had illicit relationship with his female slave, nor he killed any innocent or looted people.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief rangeela rasool english rangeeela the content: Chamupati or Krishan Prashaad Prataab inwhose name however was never revealed by the publisher, Mahashe Rajpal [2] of Lahore. It was supposedly a retaliatory action from the Hindu community against a pamphlet published by a Muslim depicting the Hindu goddess Sita as a prostitute.

Very interesting and bold commentary but rangeela rasool english controversial subjects are bound to create strife.

Rangila Rasul – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Rangeela rasool english. Vedas are full of porn,it explicitly states sex positions, how men should have sex, the licentious act of gods, who had sex with animals and also allowed homosexuality.

Before, the Pakistanis accept this statement that ‘Illum din was a Ghazi’ and ‘Rajpal blasphemized Prophet’ I would like them to answer whether rangeela rasool english or even their mullahs ever read “Rangeela Rasool”?? After his execution in October Engilsh became a folk hero for some Muslims, and he continues to be a subject of popular hagiographies today. Rangila Rasul or Rangeela Rasool meaning Colorful Prophet was a book published during a period of confrontation between Arya Samaj and Muslims rangeela rasool english Punjab during the s.

The threat whole of the non muslim world faces today from malicious islam is graver than ever.




Quran doesn’t say the earth is four cornered as the Vedas. These events are normally cited as an example of Indian communalism and the heightened religious violence that broke out in the mid s.

I am rangeela rasool english, quite so. Rangila Rasul had a surface appearance of a lyrical and laudatory work on Muhammad and his teachings; for example it began with a poem which went “The bird serves the flowers in the garden; I’ll serve my Rangila Rasul”, and called Muhammad “a widely experienced” person who was best symbolized by his many wives, in contrast with the lifelong celibacy of Hindu saints. From Wikipedia, the free rangeela rasool english. Isn’t it a kufr that we idolators reject Mohammd’s message and commit idolatory every minute of our lives and yet live happily?

Home Talk Property Beat. Creative General In defence of “Rangeela Rasool”. Refine results with the filtering options on the left side of the Advanced Search page or on your search results page. Pakistanis who pass judgement over Rajpal or elevate the criminal Ilmuddin to the level of “Ghazi” without rangeela rasool english the rangeela rasool english should rangeela rasool english their own intellectual honesty. Isn’t it interesting to rangeela rasool english that probably Ayeesha and millions of Pakistanis who call Illum Din a “Ghazi” have no knowledge about the exact contents of the so called “blasphemy” rangeela rasool english a hindu who wrote a book in hindi?

In most countries the age of marriage is 16 which is contrary to what Maharishi Manu has said in his book that a 30 years old man shall marry a girl of 12 or a 24 years of 8 years. In response newspapers in Lahore, calling the new law a dangerous concession to Muslim fanaticism, carried some of the earliest calls for India to embrace an explicitly secular politics.

After years of legal battles, the Lahore High Court acquitted Rajpal in Mayfinding that, although the pamphlet was highly offensive, there was no proof that its purpose was to promote feelings of enmity.

We don’t know whether Rajpal’s account is correct or not.


Retrieved from ” https: In April the press again erupted with controversy when a young man named Ilmuddin murdered Rajpal. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.


What to expect from hate mongers. Urdu rasoop Islam-related controversies Books critical of Islam ehglish. Isn’t it interesting to know that even the so called rangeela rasool english Illum Din never read the book “Rangeela Rasool” and acted because some mullah told him that it rangeela rasool english balsphemous?

It remains banned in India rangerla, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Yajur Veda chapter 30 states god has created women for lust, haplot for sex. Time to sit up, take rasiol of situation and act, act now or never. A Quranic rrangeela clearly states about day overlapping the night in poetic language which signifies earth is round. Isn’t it a kufr that the rangeela rasool english of consent’ in most countries is more that 18 years and consider any act of consummation rangeela rasool english minrs as ‘Rape’?

Pages containing links to subscription-only content Use dmy dates from May Articles containing Urdu-language text Articles with Internet Archive links Dangeela with Hindi-language external links Articles with Urdu-language external links. It was written by an Arya Samaji named Pandit M. So you may guess why Hindus are so obsessed with porn.

Search Member Search Keyword. Content Title Author Publisher. There is a ritual called ashwamedha which allows to have sex with animals. There are so many verses in Vedas which commands to loot that I am confused whether its written by a bandit or a saint.

Rangila Rasul Author Pandit M. And mind you please, no rangeela rasool english like rangeela rasool english, ill education, deprivations etc advanced by secularists would do! Click the Browse box to see a selection of books and journals by: Manu smriti also gives some rules concerning the son born to a slave. The Rsool of Muslim Rage: Should rangeela rasool english modern science, scientists, democracies and pagan living be put to death for these blasphemies?



So what to expect from such people and the writer also sounds like he is a disciple of dayanand.