Although demand for pork in many areas is high, the rising cost of production discourages many small farmers from attempting to raise swine on a small scale. In the Philippines, most businesses in the agricultural parts of the provinces involve raising pigs. While some families do it for a source of food, most venture. 19 May Piglets, Price and Profit: Start-up Piggery Business(4-min read) In the meantime, I’m trying a small-time piggery. .. Playbook by Tony Robbins; 7th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference to launch on October

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My suggestions are raise a pig only for personal use. Little cheaper than buying butchered at the store here. Not enough to be worth the work.

In times when piglets are high in demand, a reliable supplier could give you a steady supply of starter pigs at a good price. Trade price as of this writing is at Php per kilo of live pig. According to reliable relatives, normally, mother pigs inahin or more formally, a sow, can give birth to around 8 to 10 piglets at a time. And if you want an updated value click the link and go to their recent private construction statistics.

Have a good day. Never repay piggey cash. If you are one of them, then this page will provide you informative pieces about the swine paln. With the pretty return of investment, more and more individuals are caught up to start a piggery business. Many pigs were slaughtered to prevent further contamination of livestock.

Profit will be realized once the sow give birth after four to six months. With that said it will be more trouble than its worth. Member since 05 July Have chickens follow the pigs. Lots of variations as to weather, work, luck, in raising pigs. Click here to know more. A wedding coordinator “friend”? At this point, the owner should determine the kind of business to set up.


Log in to your account. The excess to 10kg is priced at Php per kilo.

How to Start a Piggery Business in the Philippines – Complete Guide

These risks are very real in the Philippines which is a net importer and has unpredictable weather. If so why not sit back and enjoy your self? If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy. Not many people know that pork can be healthy depending on the cut and how it is prepared. Member since 23 July Create a new account if you have changed your email address or your email cannot be verified.

A piggery is a good business, but it carries environmental risks.

how much i can earn with raise a pig

Not yet a member but want more articles like this? Philstar And feed costs vary upon the operation you want to start.

August 1, at 1: Expatriate health insurance in the Philippines Free advice and quotation service to choose an expat health insurance in the Philippines. For the first 10kg, price per kilo is Php Less investment cost of Php7, net income is Php3, You can consider this value and imagine a commercial type of piggery house. Am i a millionaire in Phillippines? Similar discussions about life in the Philippines Ask your question. Don’t wind up a disgruntled foreigner who instead of relaxing and enjoying their self wind up stressed and angry.


Before you start to invest. We are definitely a pork lover country and we can not feed our own people with the pigs that we have. Why pay someone to do that? It depends on location and how many heads. You buy your piglets starting from 10 kilograms and above. FilAmerican, none told me, but i have a friend that told me she bought some pigs for raise them and sell, she bought for baby pig, but doing count, i didn’t saw income, so that is why i asked here in expat. If not, that would turn off most people.

Boar P 30, to 50, There are wide selections of approved breeders to choose from, luckily JhonJhon Farms provided us with their updated price.

Member since 06 September I hope the article will not misled you, since all of the figures and assumptions are based on Philippine Currency also the materials and their prices are based on Philippine value of trade. The smell and noise may be unbearable. Who told you that the price of a piglet is or that’s a big discrepancy?

Your opinion would be a very big help for me to continue what we have just started and succeed on businrss. It could be that you will be told that the meat will be more expensive come the town fiesta, which is when you will butcher and sell it.

Thank you have a nice day Azolla members.