LeAlan Marvin Jones (born May 8, ) is an American journalist who lives in Chicago’s . Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago (with co- authors Lloyd Newman, David Isay and John Anthony Brooks) Simon and. Our America by Lealan Jones – Through two award-winning National Public Radio documentaries, and now this powerful book, LeAlan Jones and Lloyd. Teenagers LeAlan Jones And Lloyd Newman, Tell Story Of Chicago’s Ida B. . BRIAN LAMB, HOST: LeAlan Jones, author of “Our America: Life and Death on.

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By the way, you’ve got a suit and tie on today.


I try to motivate adults. Our america lealan jones Cart items Cart total. And what role did she play in making you, do you think, what you are today? H–they were thrown out–he was our america lealan jones out allegedly because he didn’t steal candy.

Means you–you’re pushing keys. I believe both–they are both in the same way. Yeah, a majority of the people who–I mean, they have the most power and they’re most–they’re most concealable. I’m more–I’m more–more stay-up-front than what Lloyd.

LeAlan Jones – Wikipedia

Money is–I our america lealan jones, hey, if aerica look amefica you–if you go down to my street and you hear all–you see the nice cars and the question would answer itself. I’d say we’re all right. A lot of the buildings are rundown and in bad condition. Living in one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, two boys recorded their stories and this book was taken from those recordings.

Oct 21, Albanykid rated it really liked it. Jones ran unopposed in the Green Party primary and gained the nomination. Jun 06, Maddie Schwarz rated it it was amazing. If my students weren’t enjoying it so much, I would our america lealan jones given it a three star rating, but it is getting a strong response from the kids, which is the whole purpose of reading it.


It is the true story BY youth from the South Side. Retrieved December 27, The language is incredibly accessible for struggling readers, and the actual content is relatable for as young as upper elementary. My grandfather’s a lot older, so I knew he was–you know, I knew he our america lealan jones a great man, yet he was getting a little bit older. Our america lealan jones be the–I have a–I can look at things and compare and contrast–compare and contrast you, like a TV.

Preface by Dr Cornel West.

Our America – Lealan Jones, Lloyd Newman, David Isay – Google Books

Are you happier using your own language that we’ve talked about here or being like our america lealan jones are now? It centers on the now defunct Our america lealan jones B.

Amefica book transcribes two radio shows they did: And David Isay, a indepro–an independent producer from National Public Radio, had called and asked if the organization had anybody that could talk about their community. And that’s when I became–began–you know, came to find the organization and began working for the organization.

That’s the–and that’s where–the end result of him falling 14 stories.

LeAlan Jones

It shows many of our life styles and what we can do to make life better. He was a–he worked in Midway, he worked in the stockyards in Chicago and he was a CTA bus driver for about 25 years. This book is less a window into a different life and more an invitation to shatter the glass.

The complete honesty provokes emotion from the reader, which is something that many books lack. After my mother was declared manic depressive, when I was about four or five and we were put into state custody, me and my older sister, my grandmother, instead of letting the state of Illinois take us and make us, you know, foster kids, our america lealan jones grandmother stepped in and she took over, and she raised me and my sister under her care till n–till–from five till present day.

She didn’t–she knew it was going to end up in our america lealan jones documentary. When they were 13, Jones and Newman gained notoriety by telling personal stories of life in the poor, violent, and desolate world of Chicago’s Ida B.




Since I didn’t our america lealan jones a father and my grandfather worked, that’s the only way that I truly learned how I was and what a man was supposed to do, how a man, you know, was supposed to survive. On December 4,the Illinois Green Party nominated Jones as its candidate to represent the 2nd congressional district in the U. Oct 26, Christine Dhondt rated it it was amazing.

I have a lot of people tell me that our america lealan jones my mom. Always gets me on a personal level because I am a Chicagoan that lives on the Southside.

Why end a long friendship after all that you’ve been threw together? By book’s end, college-bound Jones has outpaced his struggling friend Newman, demonstrating perhaps how an absent father can be better than an openly self-destructive our america lealan jones.

Oct 22, Lizbeth Martinez rated it it was amazing. Such as crime people getting killed, robed stabbed and shot. The heart and courage of the residents of the Ida B Wells projects is a testament to the human spirit.



I go there because I want to ameirca a stereotype. The bookish pop culture blog for bibliophiles. Thanks to Anne for recommending this moving book. They won’t sell them to you for what the stores sell them to you for.



They This book is a real and raw look into Chicago’s South Side. Both boys bring you to their homes and have one on one conversations with each member of the our america lealan jones. So therefore, I try to bridge–I try to build americs bridge between the two.

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