18 Feb Former adviser to Prime Minister Raila Odinga and controversial author Miguna Miguna launched his second book Kidneys for the King at the. Kidneys for the King. Miguna Miguna (born in ) is a Kenyan born author, columnist, attorney, and politician. 8 Feb Miguna is an outspoken politician and former Nairobi gubernatorial and ‘ Kidneys for The King: deforming the Status Quo in Kenya’ in

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Three robbers lynched in Nyandarua.

Miguna Miguna

Alfred Mutua, Maangi fall into Kisii river ‘while taking selfies’. A Quest for Justice “.



Plans to impeach Sonko will fail, says Sakaja. Governor Miguna miguna kidneys for the king Miguna []. I would like to disclose to the public that at about 6: Holding him at the airport without any form of judicial review, in violation of court orders, is a blatant migunna of arbitrary detention. Views Read Edit View history. He has also sent out his media hounds and social media goons to besmirch my name, character and reputation.

Congo to begin Ebola vaccinations on Monday.



Kura starts Nairobi road repairs after public outcry. When Kysee decided to yield to Swenani advances [4]. Tuesday, February 19, More From This Author. News Miguna miguna kidneys for the king yourself for power outage today if you live in the following regions. Building bridges plan pointless without youths, Sakaja tells Uhuru and Raila. In NovemberI was arrested and detained in-communicado before being released and expelled from the University together with some of miguna miguna kidneys for the king colleagues for championing multi-party democracy.


Tuesday, February 19, 8: In Augusthe was accused of gross misconduct and was thereby suspended without pay. Miguna was born in Magina village in Simply click on Post Your Story button placed at the top of the website.

They will not succeed! Under my leadership, qualifications, creativity, resourcefulness, industry and ability will be the determining factors on who is employed and in what capacity. Now put the foundations under them. Raila employs such people!!! Royal Wedding not white [17].

Seven interesting things you did not know about Miguna Miguna

What has your governor done for you? As I was giving my report and statement to the police at my house concerning the latest plot to kill me, the press started calling and texting, claiming that I was under arrest at the Runda Police station. He did not have a Kenyan passport because it had been seized by government officials when he was expelled from the country the previous month. Odinga during the constitutional review process in addition to participating in other important functions of state and government.

It sparked protests from Odinga’s supporters in Ahero who burned Miguna’s effigy and mock coffin; and thereafter sprinkling its ashes into River Nyando. When did that ever stop Miguna from doing research, interviewing old school mates, friends and foes to deconstruct a character?

Make no mistake about it: I understand that there are despicable false rumours being circulated and disseminated by Raila Odinga and his agents that I have been arrested and is in police detention. Ultimately, merit — not political or personal connections — will count. Your guess is miguna miguna kidneys for the king good as mine on why Raila Odinga and his thugs want to kill me — miguna miguna kidneys for the king when their plot seems to have failed — are now abusing their power and demanding hat I miguna miguna kidneys for the king locked away.


However, when invited inside, she boarded a motor-cycle, which she had come with, panicked and left. There was no physical contact between me or my nephew and her. When you hear the name Miguna Miguna, the first thing that comes to your mind is an outspoken politician especially on social media and that he is the former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate.

Sunday, May 20, Miguna reproduces e-mail correspondence between him and Willy. Good read to know the willy dealings that goes on be-hide the scenes in power circles. Miguna is a fastidious note-taker, with an eye for detail and a mind on future uses. Politics is a dirty game Jamaneni Monday, February 18, 3: Aiiiii if its true hana bahati In the August presidential electionOdinga and his supporters alleged that Kenyatta’s election victory was a fraud.

The author draws many parallels between our inadequacies and the systems that make functioning democracies like Canada work. Male lion nicknamed ‘Lipstick’ found dead in Maasai Mara.