essential purpose, or otherwise. Manager, MicroStrategy Object Manager, MicroStrategy Reporting Suite, MicroStrategy Power User, MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Customer Analyzer, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Desktop Analyst. MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials. Prerequisite to all MicroStrategy Courses. First Course in the following: Certified Project Designer Program. Summary. This two-day course provides students with an overview of the extensive reporting capabilities of MicroStrategy Desktop. Participants leave with an.

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Enables microsttategy to specify the order in which the data in a report for a particular row or column is presented—either ascending or descending. The engine uses these tables to generate microstrategy desktop reporting essentials appropriate report SQL. Where can you subscribe reports in Desktop. Three types of direct attribute relationships.

MicroStrategy Tutorial

Two ways to create DSNs. What type of relationship table is required with a many to many microstrategy desktop reporting essentials You will learn how to model complex hierarchies and attribute relationships, implement role attributes and versioning, use microstrategy desktop reporting essentials views, and optimize query performance.

Provides access to all of the administrative functions for a project source. A link to an existing MicroStrategy object in the project and behaves similarly to the shortcut functionality available in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials – Google Books

These objects are developed in MicroStrategy Architect, which is one of the sub-components of MicroStrategy Developer, and can be inserted into any number of reports.

Required before any other tasks microstrategy desktop reporting essentials be completed, such as creating templates, filters, reports, or documents. Why retain higher-level lookup tables in a completely denormalized schema?


They also reportibg about basic report creation. They also provide the ability to look at data from many different perspectives.

Freeform SQL Essentials

microstrategy desktop reporting essentials View the full list of instructor- led classes, on- demand minecraft the hunger games map download training, and. Advanced Project Design This one-day course covers advanced features available to project designers. Download Now The file download will begin microstrategy desktop reporting essentials you complete the registration. They govern the interaction between different filter conditions.

Request for specific, formatted data from the data warehouse. It is recognized as a visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant. ONly after a report result set is retrieved, the view filter conditions are applied, so only a subset of the report results is displayed in the report view. Configuring the project metadata Configuring project connectivity Creating the necessary schema objects using microstrategy desktop reporting essentials project creation workflow Updating the essentlals schema.

This tutorial is designed for all those readers who want to create, read, write, and modify Business Intelligence Reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy Desktop. You can based on any object that you place on the template.

Students first learn desktoop the architecture underlying MicroStrategy Mobile. This metadata repository is at the microstrategy desktop reporting essentials of every MicroStrategy deployment, and is essential for every report, dashboard and application.

You can determine, at run time, the objects you want to retrieve for the report and the report filtering conditions. Provides a more visual, freeform approach to working on projects. These store fact data and attribute ID columns that describe the level at which the fact values are recorded.

This two-day course is designed to provide an intensive overview of eesentials MicroStrategy platform. The parent ID in the child lookup table is a FK that maps to the parent lookup table.




Contain ID, description, or fact columns. Enables indented grouping of related attributes. The formatting you apply to the report in Desktop also applies. Schema that microstrategy desktop reporting essentials the maximum amount of data redundantly.

It enables you to create all schema objects in a single interface. Grid, graph, grid and graph, or SQL microstrategy desktop reporting essentials. Created mocrostrategy part of the report and is feporting with the report definition. It contains objects such as reports, filters, templates, and metrics. The course includes a microstrategy desktop reporting essentials exercise that reinforces VI concepts in a practical, hands-on way.

Subtotals for a Metric. In this course, students learn about microstrategy desktop reporting essentials types of visual displays as well as best uses for each type. Schema objects, application objects, and configuration objects.

User reporting requirements Existing source data Technical considerations Performance considerations. For attributes with a one-to-many relationship. This can be used to select the tables you want to include in a project. Logical View Physical View. Best understood as conditional formatting of metric values. Relationship in which a parent-child relationship exists between two or more attributes. To add these attributes, metrics and filters on your report is as simple as a drag and drop movement, quite literally.

Facts and Fact Data. The SQL query for such a report retrieves data for all objects of the report definition and stores it in a report cache.