Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton talks about the loopholes of real estate investing, discussing financial tax and legal advantages of investing in. Investing in real estate is as easy as understanding the tax code and personal- injury law, according to this informative but daunting primer, part. Whether you’re buying your first home, or adding another multi-unit apartment complex to your vast real estate portfolio, Garrett Sutton’s book is.

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Dec 30, Seth rated it it was amazing. You need to gain this information on your own. Bestselling author and Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton discusses the loopholes of real estate investing. That gives attorneys an incentive to sue. My understanding is that an LLC is better, but why choose one over the other? Instead of holding real estate in your individual name, you need to hold it in a limited liability entity like the LLC.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or buying your first property, this is the one book you can and will listen to it over and over. On the legal side, there are loopholes that we need to close.


They moved the loopholes, the little narrow slats to the bottom of the castle, and the kids and young adults could slip out of these loopholes. The following are your numerous real estate options: Is it good or bad? For more information on Garrett Sutton, please visit his Web sites at www.

No one wants that. Written in easy to understand language, this audiobook demystifies the legal and tax aspect of investing with easy-to-follow, real-life examples. Our goal is to make this as simple as possible for you.


There are so many people moving there. Those are completely turnkey rentals. Thanks for reading, we will see you in the next episode.

Description The Loopholes of Real Estate reveals the tax and legal strategies used by the rich for generations to acquire and benefit from real estate investments. Sutton Run Your Own Corporation, etc. Hand-picked real estate investment opportunities.

Loopholes of Real Estate | Corporate Direct

I intend to recommend this book to all of my clients and colleagues who either already engage in, or express a desire in, real estate investing. In a world of financial turbulence, your best asset is your financial IQ. Asset protection is a dynamic area of the law, and this loophooles edition sets forth the strongest and most useful tactics for protecting businesses, real estate, intellectual property, and paper assets.

Risks can be efficiently managed and eliminated. I always recommend that you have insurance on your home and auto. Garrett is also the owner of Corporate Direct, which since has provided affordable asset protection and corporate formation services.

We live in the most loopohles society on Earth.

Loopholes of Real Estate is for the first time as well as seasoned investors. Don’t like your audiobook? The Best Books of Why is it dumb not to have asset protection?

The contingency fee attorney is going to have a tough time, especially if we use the right entities to get at the real estate properties loopuoles own in a car wreck situation.

Robert taught me to see real estate as an investor, not just a lawyer. We have a homestead exemption. You get the bug and you want to keep buying. In our society, there are enough lies in it already. The Audible version of this book is narrated by Sutton himself, in a folksy, conversational tone which you can hardly tell is a narration at all. Swap it for free.


Mar 16, Gayle rated it really liked it Shelves: And the answer is, with taking a good, hard look at your financial affairs in order to develop an accurate, comprehensive financial report card. It was a good move for that reason.

They can sell it for the benefit of not only the victim but the attorney themselves because they are getting a third of those properties. We look forward to working with people on that basis. Smart investors know how to open those loopholes to their maximum advantage.

Estatf is the first line of defense. Written in easy to understand language, this book de-mystifies the legal and tax aspects of investing varrett easy-to-follow, real-life examples.

Real estate investing is one of the greatest vehicles to build wealth, but it doesn’t make sense in every market. Is one better than the other or are these essentially the same thing, but with more cost? Did it make you laugh or cry?

Today, we all know our money can go down in value and even savers can be losers.