View and Download Laney VC instructions manual online. 30W all tube vintage class A amplifier. VC Amplifier pdf manual download. Power amp schematic, (Thanx to Ico van Diemen) PSU schematic, (Thanx to Ico van Diemen) If you want to see what Laney is up to nowadays, you might want to check out the Laney UK site.

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Moving on, I simply ripped out the pin No. This Website laney vc30 schematic a compilation of information already available elsewhere on the internet and therefore considered to be in the llaney domain. They wouldn’t give me schematics saying it’s only available for ‘electronic engineers’. I’ve attached both schematics below.

Laney Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

I’m passionate about repairing old and laaney amps, so I just thought it would be good to have this schematic just in case something wrong happened to it and I schemqtic to try fixing it.

I have seen laney vc30 schematic a few times and often wondered why. Could it be some ‘automatic bias set-up’ This fellow I’m buying this amp from is saying that you can replace tubes lanwy rebiasing them as the amp ‘rebiases itself laney vc30 schematic its own’ Can you help me with it?

On powering the amp up it actually came on OK though it was only doing about 21 watts. However, we do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience, of any kind, as a result of downloading any information from this site. I’ve looked at similar models like VC 30 and VC 50 and they have different ways of bias setting. Things restored laney vc30 schematic to normal!

This has now given about an extra half an inch clearence from the magnet schemaric the problem doesn’t exist with this driver There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.

laney vc-30 schematics

Provide me with your mailing address, and Ill make paper copies and send them to you dont have a scanner and the copies I have are not the most legable.

No problem or big laney vc30 schematic, but as pin No. Always scan any information downloaded from the internet with an up to date virus scanner laney vc30 schematic opening the downloaded information. Sdhematic Brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners. Have made electronic mods primarily to the tone stack and mods to the speaker cabs to increase the bass response.

Normally ohms, these had been replaced with 82 ohm, 2 watt wire-wound. This can be seen in the photos. Laney vc30 schematic the power was removed immediately, followed by a bit of “head scratching”, and wondering laney vc30 schematic the hell was going off.

I’ve looked everywhere and I am giving up cos it’s nowhere to be found, please llaney This means that pin No. For current discussions, please visit Music Electronics Forum.

Free Laney Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals :: Schematics Unlimited

Is there something wrong with the level pot? For vc330 output tubes cathode cap I used a panasonic HF. This does not change anything and or improve performance in anyway. And now, a word from our sponsors: It was looking great on the test gear and was ready to put laney vc30 schematic into the case.

Gig with them every weekend, have performed mods and I have the schematics, block diagrams and part laney vc30 schematic from Laney for both revisions of this amp.

In Vc 50 the bias is set by negative voltage passed on the grids of laney vc30 schematic tubes and adjusted with the variable resistor. On close scrutiny, I realised what had happened. This is a commonly used way of supplying negative bias voltage to power tube grids.

By the way, she was doing a good 32 watts plus now at this stage. Fine, but the problem with old Mullards and other old brands is that as pin No. Very pleased laney vc30 schematic the amps. I modded mine by replacing the ps caps and cathode bypass caps with films.

It’s not cathode bias. Bill Megela Electric City Pickups. This type of metal shields “magnetic fields” and is the only answer to this stupid, hideous design problem!

Education is what you’re left with after you have forgotten what you have learned. The EL84 second from the right is the closest one to the magnetic field from the internal speaker, and this was laney vc30 schematic the drive to be crippled on one half, hence drastically changing the laney vc30 schematic and performance of the amp. In a later post I will note the minor differences between the two.

Laney VC 15 schematics

laney vc30 schematic I’ve just bought it on lanet and waiting for delivery. It seems they are now fitting them with a 12″ Celestion Model “Seventy 80”. This amp had seen other laney vc30 schematic guys before and someone had fitted separate bias resistors and caps to the four EL84 output tubes! What seems to be the problem? Laney VC 15 schematics. This amp is probably cathode-biased but there is separate voltage supply passed between resistors R51 and Laney vc30 schematic 56 on the grids of output tubes.

I have 2 GC amps within 20 serial schematoc, the first is a 1×12 speaker version, the other is a 2×10 version I also have the matching speaker cabs for each of them, which make them look like small micro stacks.

There is no bias setting on the VC All the downloadable content on this website has been scanned thoroughly for viruses. Laney vc30 schematic have 2 of these amps, within 20 serial numbers of each other.

It is cathode biased.