Julia Quinn started writing her first book one month after finishing college and has cover image of The Other Miss Bridgerton Bridgerton Family (Series). Anthony Bridgerton es el soltero más codiciado de la temporada en Hola, disculpa, quiero leer esta serie como no tienes idea, pero no la puedo descargar en Julia Quinn- Serie Bridgerton -Epílogos · Julia Quinn- Serie. Prequel series to the Bridgertons. Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys, #1), The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (Rokesbys, #2), The Other Miss Brid.

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I don’t think you remember, bu–” “I’m not in brifgerton with Billie,” he interrupted. He is tortured, brooding, and eescargar to impress people as the arrogant duke. Mis pedidos Localizar mis pedidos recientes.

This book avoided that particular trap really well – even though she still felt the need to make the pivotal moment anger driven – by making this part of the plot unrelated to jealousy and possessiveness. But I felt sorrowful during my entire reading because I knew what happened then. And I do wonder – the masked man at the ball I felt like I was reading the same story as all her other books. I really enjoyed this beginning of this book. On the other hand Oh where to begin The main couple was lovely.

Not getting that, but still, very sweet and nice wrap up to her book – I think this was probably one of the better stories in this collection. Cecilia has no luck finding her brother but does encounter his friend, Edward at a hospital lying in a bed, injured. View all 19 comments. I’m sorry to interrupt this delightfully enlightening review again but I can’t let you insult poor Simon here. Because when Billie and George are quite literally thrown together, a whole new sort of sparks begins to fly.


The Duke and I

Then you will adore Billie Bridgerton and her exchanges with George. But it was cute how frazzled a grown up Hyacinth was dealing with a 19 year old daughter who’s a clone copy of herself.

You can feel how much they love each other. I’m still fairly new to the historical game, but I was sold at the While You Were Sleeping plot line. That scene made my blood julix.

It was an enjoyable and worthwhile read for sure but definitely had a few more flaws than I remembered. The writing is engaging and the story had a great mix of romance, humo I recall enjoying the Bridgerton books when I read them in my younger days so, inspired by the news of a Netflix TV adaptation being in the works, decided to finally start that reread I’d been pondering for years. To top it off, the book was way too longand it took me ages to finish the audiobook.

Mar 11, Chan rated it liked it. Edward regains his memory, he and Cecilia need to work through the lying and deception, and the mystery of ssrie missing brother. I loved Daphne’s whole family.

Bridgerton #6: El corazón de una Bridgerton, de Julia Quinn – Literatura Romántica Juvenil

I don’t buy their connection, and I honestly don’t see them working out in the long run. In case you auinn get through Oscar operators are in high demandconsider reading The Importance of Being Earnest to get an idea of what wit really is. He was a bit of a hypocrit. Dec 29, If you think it doesn’t, then probably you’d better stay clear of The Duke and I.


Spocky has nothing on these people. For me, this was an exclusive I had to have my hands on! So, of course, I decided to take the series on, and I even bought the next couple of books following the first.

I loved the slow burning tension that sparks between them and finally that sweet culmination of their love for each other was paced just right. I also enjoyed the whole dynamic between the Bridgerton family.

I especially can’t wait for Colin’s story. She put her foot down, and she needed to, or that wouldn’t even stop, for as long as she was married. I finished it that night, and felt sooooo much better for having read it.

The Duke and I (Bridgertons, #1) by Julia Quinn

So, four stars to one. I loved them as a couple. So to sum up. I did, however, have some major issues with Daphne’s behavior towards the end that causes their separation view spoiler [ She seduces him when he is asleep and really drunk, she is on top, and she forces her body down on him to take his completion– all even though they had been fighting because the H felt strongly that he didn’t want children because of his past.

London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. Except only family is allowed and that recklessness inside her makes one more appearance when she declares she’s Mrs.