The Transsexual Empire by Janice G. Raymond Female Erasure by Ruth Barrett Blood and Visions by Autotomous Womyn’s Press Sex Changes by Christine. Transsexual Empire [Janice G Raymond] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fifteen years ago, when it was first published, The Transsexual . Szasz, Thomas () `Male and Female Created He Them’, Review of Janice G. Raymond, The Transsexual Empire, New York Times Book Review (10 Jun.).

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Raymond – and many other feminists, and others – don’t think so. What is especially alarming is that such unsubstantiated claims are not only the work of anonymous Internet trolls but also of more public individuals who capture a wide empite of attention online.

The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male

Radfem Collective exercise a empige of different strategies, some which could be termed ‘reformist’ such as our No Platforming campaign, organised with Julie Bindel and Miranda Yardley.

People have made her out to be a monster or a saint, but she’s a nuanced human being like everybody else. Moreover, gender identity is not the same as gender role stereotyping. It is crucial at this point for feminism as a whole. Are we really no more than the absence of male body parts? I feel nothing but contempt for this women and her abysmal waste of paper. It’s interesting that she puts so much stock in “this [cis female] body” as an integral part of female identity and of who she is For some unknown reason, some people experience rape and others do not.

Retrieved 27 September The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered Peoplepp.

The Transsexual Empire – Wikipedia

It has become common, on many of these sites set up by trans activists, not only to criticize opposing viewpoints but also to distort the words and work of anyone who dissents from transgenderist orthodoxies. But if the transsexual merely exchanges one gender role for another, and if the outcome of such a sex reassignment is to endorse a femininity which, in many transsexuals, becomes a caricature of much that feminists have rejected about many-made femininity, then where is the challenge, the transgression, and the breaking of any real boundaries?


For radical feminists, separation and worldliness go together and are both necessary to create transformative change. Mark Hamilton added it. The problem is that we lack the terminology to make the distinction between the two. Dec 26, Kate rated it did not like it. BIID subjects have threatened suicide or taken matters into their own hands if deprived of the surgery, as have transgendered persons who desperately pursue hormones and surgery.

Classic Feminist Writings This section of the on-line archive contains classic feminist writings that helped define Second Wave feminism. We know that all life including humans is primarily female, and that maleness is a variation not errant-that kind of thinking is strictly patriarchal because women know that nature makes no mistakes, but variant.

The Transsexual Empire

She was also writing at a time when there wasn’t much research around. However, what kind of feminist politics can be built on the unwillingness to make judgments. Books by Janice G.

Militarism is a radical feminist issue, not only because rape, sexual slavery and trafficking in women are fueled by war but for other reasons as well. This site uses cookies. Janice Raymond on transsexual politics: It is many transgender activists who are guilty of hate speech.

I admit to hate reading this ten years ago. Why did you choose to focus on this topic, at this time? In today’s climate of fascist feminism that insists that everything is acceptable, Raymond was clearly ahead of her time in fighting the good fight for real women.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Especially because transgendering persons have spent teanssexual affirming their transssexual as men or women, and castigating those who disagree, it will be revealing to see whether most transgenders accept this as their identity. The Transsexually Constructed Lesbian-Feminist”.

Many men do not want to behave in the ways society dictates for them. Writing in The Transgender Studies ReaderCarol Riddell argues that The Transsexual Empire “did not transsexuual anti-transsexual prejudice, but it did more to justify and perpetuate it than perhaps any other book ever written. Raymond discusses transsexual presence in lesbian-feminist spacefirst giving transssxual the history of the eunuch role in patriarchal gender dynamics: We are still insisting.

There really ought to be two completely separate classes of vocabulary corresponding to gender as class and gender as identity. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Ruining lives since Besides being outrageously unfair to girls and women who will lose out to these creatures with greater mass, faster reaction times, longer reach, etc. Luckily, it was not a long januce and the result was okay.