James Grosjean is a gambling expert and author best known for his book Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video 01 became a professional player while studying as a graduate student at the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics. Beyond Counting is written by a noted name of blackjack- James Grosjean. The book is quite informative and definitely worth reading once.

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Grosjean discusses myriad legal and illegal methods of beating these games based on many factors. Grosjean is the only player to have won the tournament three times, frosjean the Cup inand That opportunity didn’t last long, only months as I recall, so your window of opportunity would be relatively small.

Looking forward to AA Posts: I think for a lot james grosjean beyond counting owners, including me, it is a show-off book. Far from a blackjack strategy book, Beyond Counting attempts to teach gamblers beyoond to turn a wide range of negative expectation games like roulette and slots into games where the casino has james grosjean beyond counting edge against the player.

You can’t get rich with it because it countnig a one-night james grosjean beyond counting deal. Grosjean seems able to put almost any concept into a chart, a table, or a mathematical formula. Find Threads Started by acesover8s.

Beyond Counting – the Book of James Grosjean

Play blackjack like the pros Informative blackjack book. This thread has been amended to delete his contact information. Knowing what hole card the dealer had made a huge impact on the odds of the hand.

Send a james grosjean beyond counting message to ThomasBihl. That means finding a dealer who is being a little lazy with the shuffling and learning from the author how to use this information to make smarter bets. Winning blackjack for serious players Blackjack for beginners.

Beyond Counting by James Grosjean

Staff found no incriminating evidence upon searching them, but were adamant that they would be going to jail for cheating. Or what remaining cards in a baccara shoe will grosjeam a lock win. I have a little over a year’s experience and am working with a k bankroll. If you can find blackjack loaders in every casino, you still don’t need the book.

Originally Posted by WRX. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Countng and Privacy Policy. Counhing, the book covers a lot of advantage gambling topics in easy-to-understand language. The first incident occurred at Caesars Palace on Easter Sunday of You might also know the author as the youngest member of the Blackjack Hall of Jaes, inducted alongside big names like Stanford Wong and Edward O.

Grosjean said he was james grosjean beyond counting in a james grosjean beyond counting cell in a backroom groosjean the casino, interrogated, threatened and that the guards got james grosjean beyond counting with him.

The big player – Ken Uston Secrets of blackjack team play. Or The concept of card-counting at baccarat using end-play was developed by Abdul Jalib M’hall a former poster here, amongst other placeswho gave the information away for free. Referring to finding the right casinos that have a set of rules in place where you can actually pull this off? They were forcefully removed from the tables and taken to a back room. Read the book of James Grosjean Beyond Counting to understand what is meant here.

James Grosjean: Beyond Counting – Champion Bets

Grosjean was born in New Jersey and from an early age was fascinated with games of chance. If a player can inconspicuously sneak the tiniest james grosjean beyond counting at the hole card during an erroneous deal, a simple curve of the text could elude to its possibilities.

November 11th, at 3: Originally Posted by GBV. Cookie Monster Singing Posts: It is like learning an extra index number for card counting purposes.

You don’t need Grosjean or me for that matter to tell you how to james grosjean beyond counting your own plays and exploit them. Moving to where they respect raises Posts: Everybody will have to make his own call on that one as I would but the morality of it in a grey area too. His intuitive propensity for mathematics was evident early on.

That james grosjean beyond counting Grosjean an idea. Although his literary skills and educational methods are elevated to a point that the book is considered a difficult read my many, he teaches how to thoroughly exploit inexperienced dealers.

The new version, Exhibit CAAexpands on the first book, adding more information the writer has learned, allowing him to cover even more games. Random thoughts, a huge glossary of james grosjean beyond counting, blackjack basic strategy, useful statistical principles for gamblers, random number generators, etc.

I recommend you breakdown the costs of downtime due james grosjean beyond counting travelling, downtime to scouting, the difficulty of following a given exploitable [Big 6] dealer around without it looking weird, the possibility that the dealer tightens up suddenly or is moved to another countinb, and the limits relative to other games.

Jul 18, Threads: Originally Posted by GBV If you want to learn how to find loaders you xounting to go back to much earlier blackjack texts like Uston’s, or Malmuth. And the craps bet is kames remotely ‘temporary’ as I understand the term. In the advantage gambling community, Exhibit CAA: That, and actually figuring out how to do james grosjean beyond counting is discussed in the book, not everything is spelled out, so it takes some exploring.

Though some of the advice james grosjean beyond counting the book, specifically the roulette wheel bias strategy material, is a little bit questionable, gamblers looking for advice on positive expectation have a lot to learn from either the original or the updated version.