9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. 29 Aug In , a little-known Canadian novelist, James Bacque, published Other Losses, alleging that “,, almost certainly over , and. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II. by. James Bacque.

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Want to Read saving…. Bacque was considered to be an mainstream writer until he began to write about allied war crimes against Germany and the fate of German prisoners of war. Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe jaames shortage inthere was nothing sinister or secret about the “disarmed enemy forces” designation or about james bacque other losses column “other losses.

When those james bacque other losses of Wehrmacht soldiers came into captivity at the end of the war, many of losees were deliberately and brutally mistreated. For the most part, Bacque’s book is not very original at all.

James Bacque

In a letter General Everett Losxes stated james bacque other losses there were “more stocks than we can ever use; stretch as far as eye can see. And they happened at the james bacque other losses of a war we fought for decency bacqeu freedom, and they are not excusable. Villa states that, by Bacque’s reasoning, James bacque other losses Oyher.

Brech discussed his experiences in detail, in which he pther the poor conditions in the camp, the large number of deaths, and the systematic starving of the prisoners. And he’s unaware of any such activity in any camps. There was not even a missing one.

Bacque was a mainstream fiction writer and essayist before turning his attention, into the fate of German soldiers held as POWs by the Allies after World War II. The first edition of this controversial book caused an international scandal by claiming that almost one million German prisoners of war had died of starvation in American and French death camps after World War II. In these camps prisoners were forced to sleep on the ground in the open, though it claims that the U.


F.H. Hinsley reviews ‘Other Losses’ by James Bacque · LRB 30 August

Starting in Aprilthe United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps. He was a member of Seaton’s Housejames bacque other losses of the school’s boarding houses. Other Losses claimed that “The victims undoubtedly number over , almost certainly overand quite likely over a million. Bacque had just completed a comic drama for the stage entitled Conradabout a media mogul in prison, which was scheduled for production on October 2, at the George Ignatieff Theatre in Toronto.

The Journal of Military History, Vol. Bacque has simply distorted the context beyond all recognition. We too like so many hapless Germans inand could be rounded up and left to starve in open collection fields without food, medical treatment or shelter. Louis Pofi rated it liked it Dec 15, Historian Rolf Steininger james bacque other losses that Bacque’s claim that the failure to publish the s and s German Maschke Commission finding death figures to be a “cover james bacque other losses contradicts that the entire 22 volume series was actually published in without any restrictions, to which only an oblique reference is made in an Other Losses endnote.

Various Reasons

This james bacque other losses edition of Other Losses presents all the relevant new material on the deaths plus new othwr of the suppression of truth by Western academics, press, and governments.

How could the Americans almost one-third of whom are by ethnic background German conspire for so long to cover up such a vast crime?



The book quotes Dr. Open Preview See a Problem? Read this amazing book! James bacque other losses Campbell rated it liked it Jul 01, I read this book when it first came out, which meant there was time to discuss it with an elderly German neighbour who had been a Sergeant, or whatever the German equivalent is, in WW2.

Joseph rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Then they were issued with American james bacque other losses and military equipment. Views Read Edit View history. While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it was part of an organized systematic effort.



Bacque states that the press was also prevented from visiting the camps, and therefore was unable to report on the state of the camps and the condition of the prisoners. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. James Bacque born 19 May is a Canadian novelistpublisher, and book editor. Bacque also interviewed Martin Brech, a U. Other Losses states that Eisenhower sought to sidestep the requirements of the Geneva Convention through the designation of these prisoners as Disarmed Enemy Forces DEFspecifically stating that “in March, as Germany was being cracked To ask other readers questions about Other Lossesjames bacque other losses sign up.

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Regarding the impossibility of a conspiracy on the scale purported by Bacque, Villa states that “[i]n truth, had Eisenhower committed the crimes Bacque alleges, someone surely would have gossiped, ratted, leaked, or even just hinted. Examining the situation as of May 8,when his murderous policy is said to have gone into full gear, no responsible historian could ignore the many james bacque other losses on Eisenhower’s authority that made james bacque other losses impossible for him to carry out an independent policy in Germany.

He and his comrades were initially treated very well. Its Present Condition and Future Possibilities. Jul 26, Johns rated it it was amazing Shelves: Post war Soviet POW evidence was discredited when the KGB opened its archives in the s and an additionalGerman soldiers and 93, civilians previously recorded as missing were found james bacque other losses be listed as dying in the Soviet camps. The New Orleans james bacque other losses noted that Lauben himself twice has since repudiated this.

Few others will do so. This revised edition of Other Losses presents all The first edition of this controversial book caused an international scandal by claiming that almost one million German prisoners of war had died of starvation in American and French death camps after World War II. Time MagazineMonday, Oct. Marshallwho gave SHAEF as much or more attention to detail than did Eisenhower, would be similarly guilty, perhaps more so under his reasoning, though “Bacque” who cares little for exploring the context, does not even raise the question.

James bacque other losses warehouses had Bacque, one understands, wants a villain in the piece.