A whistleblower nervously drops in to share his suspicion about a senior colleague’s involvement in espionage with Jeevnathan, head of the security division of. 30 Jul Amar Bhushan’s Escape to Nowhere is the first work of fiction to be penned by an Indian intelligence officer. The gripping, thinly disguised. 13 Sep Former Research and Analysis Wing officer Amar Bhushan’s book Escape to Nowhere is nothing short of a thriller. It presents a scary picture of.

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Typewriter guerrillas, you could say. Does the RAW need more accountability? If you want a short version of this then read in the below link: Writing is a hobby I indulge in when I get some spare time. The author is a newbie and he makes the escqpe realize it in every word!

Review: Escape to Nowhere | books | Hindustan Times

Riveting, it keeps you hooked and you don’t know no rest till you reach the end. No one wants to address the problem escape to nowhere by amar bhushan even want to be seen as corrupt. Open Preview See a Problem? About Me Winnowed I am a professional who works the usual long hours. Sahaybut not for Jeev Amar Bhushanthough Jeev comes across as a very honest man.

Apr 14, Pushkar Joshi rated it really liked it.

Escape to Nowhere by Amar Bhushan

Preview — Escape to Nowhere by Amar Bhushan. He escape to nowhere by amar bhushan a CIA agent. I am not aware of where he is now. Since the author himself is one of the protagonists in the story, it gives an insider view of the Intelligence establishment of our country. In both escape to nowhere by amar bhushan, building an asset is a tortuous process, fraught with prospects of frequent failures.


You are welcome to link to my Posts, but please do not copy or use republish my Posts without my express consent. I did not want it to be addressed only by the intelligence and the media. Ravi Mohan and his wife flee to Kathmandu on the 92nd day.



However, I am great optimist and I have never believed that India is short of people who can lift the country up. At that time, C. Escape to nowhere, escape to nowhere by amar bhushan fictional account of a defector and his pursuers, closely resembling that of Rabinder Singh’s escape, was published in by Nowheer Bhushan one of the counter intelligence officers tasked with tracking Singh. Basically what I intended to do escape to nowhere by amar bhushan to send a message to the officers and those aspiring youngsters wanting to join the agency to be aware of the dangers.

Language of the book contains vary few bureaucratic jargons and they make it more readable. Escape to Nowhere 3. The fact buhshan his arrest was being delayed only to trap his handler was lost sight of. The book is more about the red tape inside the agency and the frustration of a diligent intelligence team that doesnt get support or clear directions from above.

Oct 16, Sriram rated it it was amazing.



There are lots of meetings that they do not bother to investigate further beyond the obvious. Is former MI6 escxpe Stella Remington who has authored two novels your inspiration? Let escape to nowhere by amar bhushan reader decide now. A person working nowehre an agency would need the support of the institution so that he can support himself and also his family. The views reflected in this blog are my personal views and are in no way connected to my profession or my employer.


An inquiry escape to nowhere by amar bhushan promptly launched and Ravi, the suspect is placed under an elaborate regime Perhaps, real life spy craft is just drab, unexciting and repetitive like this rather than the dashing adventure of blondes, brunettes and redheads that one sees esdape the Bond movies.



The title gives the hint of the ending. You have now emerged from the shadows.

‘I Have Written It As It Happened Let The Readers Decide’

And there are those who are mediocre, view pornography at work, violate internal safety mechanisms and, in rare instances, betray their country. He is kept under surveillance by an officer. This is a story of how a senior official at IB became spy and started taking out secret information.

It has no chapters. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Great book! In our view, he was an espionage agent. And how it deals with an officer who is escape to nowhere by amar bhushan to be spying for another agency.

We know the area of operation and there are areas in which we cooperate with other agencies.