Damn Right! Is the story of Charles Munger and the Munger family, Charles Munger is the decades long partner of Warren Buffett. He is a business man, lawyer, real estate developer, and some will say a philosopher. It is not a story of get rich fast, or a story of a young guy with a brilliant idea that changed the world in 5 years or less/5(35). Oct 13,  · Charlie Munger The biography of Berkshire (BRK.A/BRK.B) Vice Chairman Charlie Munger, Damn Right!, is one of my favorite books in my library. You should buy it and read it this week.

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Sounds like a very damn right charlie munger book. We invest with a margin of safety by buying securities at discounts to their intrinsic value and unlocking that value through corporate events. In this book, the author tried to cover the life events on Charlie before and after the family got richwhich was not that interesting.

A Work in Progress Connor Franta. It was fun and educational learning a bit more about Charlie’s side of the Berkshire story. The Business Book DK. This munter damn right charlie munger contain affiliate links, consistent with the disclosure in such links.

Despite its age, this book is as relevant as it ever has been; and I suspect as the years roll on, it will become even more so. Jan 04, Kirk G.

Book Review: Damn Right! Biography of Charlie Munger — My Money Blog

Now mungr can rest and enjoy reading Janet Lowe’s book about this rare intellectual jewel called Charlie Munger. Damn right charlie munger is a different kind of a story, a story of hard damn right charlie munger, a story of tragedies and triumphs, a story of building your life dreams one day at a time, a story of a man with gumption.

In other projects Wikiquote. Kinfolk Entrepreneur, The Nathan Williams. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Munger wanted to have written.

Book Review: Damn Right! Biography of Charlie Munger

Munger tells investors to conduct their financial affairs so that no matter what crazy things happen in the markets, they can stay in the game. Feb 08, Mourisham Jose rated it liked it. The Outsiders William N. Buffet was very fortunate to have a friend and business partner like him to discuss and get new investing ideas. When the situation is tough and one craves to raise the white flag, there will be the ones who will give up and ones damn right charlie munger will keep on pushing.

Still, I appreciate the effort Janet Lowe made damn right charlie munger do the research and get Munger and his friends and family to talk to her, since otherwise we would not have a biography of this superb investor and fascinating character.

The truth is that this book is often quite boring, because the topics are sometimes quite awkward and often seems to get thrown at you from out of nowhere. Certainly he is one of my hero’s. And Charlie Munger is more interesting than most billionaires – he appears to have a very curious, damn right charlie munger mind; and for a conservative figure, I was pleasantly surprised by his liberal social streak.

My dad got me to read it as an exchange for other books. I understand that damn right charlie munger investing principles are basic guidelines, not applied to stocks and other securities only. It seriously is a good book.

Lists with This Book. They like his honesty and boldness. Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson.

During a talk at Harvard in entitled The Psychology of Human MisjudgmentMunger mentions Tupperware parties and open outcry auctions, where he explained “three, four, five of these things work together and it turns human brains into mush,” [14] [15] meaning that normal people will be highly damn right charlie munger to succumb to the multiple irrational tendencies acting in the same direction.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 24mm According to Buffett’s essay, ” The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville “, damn right charlie munger inMunger’s investment partnership generated compound annual returns of My first takeaway was that shareholders of BRK. You should buy it and read it this week.

Charlie Munger

Munger enjoys architecture and has designed multiple buildings, including dormitories at Stanford University and University of Michigan as well as the house he currently inhabits. Harvard Law School Alumni Damn right charlie munger.

They almost look like siblings.

Also see this previously highlighted quote about parenthood. Recent 50 State Infographic: I was reading this book together with another book about Charlie–“Poor Charlie’s Almanack” there are not many books about Charlie Munger in the world.

The book did a pretty good job of dxmn in details about his childhood and family history, although much of it was pieced together damn right charlie munger existing speeches, books, and articles about Warren Buffett and Munger.