Searching for a fillable Da Form 1 Pdf? Get it Now! Easily sign, print, download and send your editable document template online with PDFfiller. No paper. except where major Army commanders have prescribed the use of the DA Form for this purpose. DA Form –1 is prepared in four copies. Copies 1, 2. Units on the manual system must maintain a record of their demands on DA Form , Record of (3) PLL clerk initiates DA Form /–1 to restock PLL.

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If the tank car has more than 1 foot of shell outage, use a petroleum da 2765-1 stick or an innage tape and bob. When taking opening da 2765-1 closing gages, use the same gaging equipment and hatches for both gages.

The two types of tape 276-1 bob are innage and outage.

Be careful not to put so much paste on the bob that it will cause a false reading. Lower the tape slowly until the bottom of the bob is da 2765-1 to 3 inches below the surface of the product. If the depth of the water is greater than the length of the innage bob, use a water gage bar Figure to da 2765-1 the water in the tank.


List of equipment required to make volume corrections. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 29 to 41 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. The bottom of the stick usually has a hard metal tip. Typical water gage bars. Dx is 2765- da 2765-1 is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob and gage the tank again.

A petroleum gage stick is used to determine the innage of a tank vehicle or a nonpressurized tank car. To determine this, compare the length of the unwound tape with the reference da 2765-1 of the tank. DA Pamphlet or as appropriate give detailed procedures for bulk petroleum accounting procedures. Record physical inventories on DA Form use the remarks block for petroleum tank vehicles. Determine the maximum allowable da 2765-1 by adding the opening inventory to the receipts.

A fuel is clean when it is free da 2765-1 suspended matter, sediment, and emulsions.

Figure 2PE. DA Form ,Request for Issue or Turn-in

Estimate as closely as possible the indicated volume when the cut mark falls between divisions. Laboratory tests ensure fuels meet specifications, identify unknown products, detect contamination, verify unfavorable field tests, and provide the basis for disposition of unacceptable fuel. When using the stick, make sure to lower it vertically into the tank 2765–1 shown in Figurepageda 2765-1 A. Special da 2765-1 and samples for testing by the supercharge method should be at least 5 gallons, unless 265-1 specified.

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Put a thin, even coat of paste on the part da 2765-1 the bob that will be at the point where water and product meet. During gaging operations, take product temperature. To ensure accurate gage, compare the tape reading at the reference point with dx reference height of the tank. Da 2765-1 on the sample tag should be typewritten or in pencil.

Use innage and outage tape bobs to measure petroleum tanks.

Figure Form -1, Request for Issue or Turn-in

Gaging Tankers and Rail Tank Cars. Taking an da 2765-1 reading using an outage tape and bob.



The tank car gage stick is made of hardwood or similar material. DA Form Petroleum Sample. Cylinder, ungraduated, mm high, da 2765-1 Record the water cut as a water innage or outage. Tank Car Gage Stick. Check for rust, scale, dirt, foreign objects, and water. The calibration charts should be checked periodically. There should be da 2765-1 paste left on the portion of the bob that was in the water or the paste should be discolored.