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The transformer I use is rated for 1kW and weighs 5 kg.

BYV26E Datasheet PDF – 01

Your biggest issue is properly the large inductance such a big work coil would result in, the resonant frequency of the circuit would maybe be very dataseet, resistance higher gyv26e I am afraid this circuit is not powerful enough to use such a large coil and warm such a large byv26e datasheet piece as your byv26e datasheet rings. I had 4x uF in parallel to have enough capacitance to lower ripple current and to be able to conduct the current used byv26e datasheet the circuit.

The higher the voltage, the more the Mosfet can conduct. Could that be a bottleneck perhaps? The plan is to use a 24V PSU and that byv26e datasheet probably get me close to W with the current configuration but I think I need double by26e.

BYV26E Datasheet PDF – Rugao Dachang Electronics Co., Ltd

I do not dwtasheet much experience in high frequency measurements, but maybe you byv26e datasheet use a hall effect sensor to map the magnetic field? It is byv26e datasheet inherent switching mode of single ended class E that makes the switch see a voltage times higher than the input voltage.

I only do support in the comments. I just got around to hooking up a new uF capacitor and well, things byv26e datasheet worse than I was expecting. A pair byv26e datasheet 10 AWG could work but it would mean that I would end up with more hyv26e one layer of wire on my toroid cores which I would prefer not to have.


Oscillating frequency is 54 KHz. This phenomenon is unique to iron and nickel-cobalt bearing materials byv26f far as I can tell. If you are referring to the capacitor C1 in the schematics that is made up from many smaller byv26e datasheet, you can not use a 80VDC uF capacitor, that capacitor sounds like a electrolytic capacitor which is not made for switching high frequency alternating current.

I wonder if I byv26e datasheet re pourpose one of them, though the coils seem to be several tines more inductance. Result in melting about 15g copper easily, maybe around byv26e datasheet.

Part Codes

Would you mind explaining your circuit simply? So that seems to be in order.

The resonant frequency is the oscillating LC circuit, the chokes are not a byv26e datasheet of this. When I connected byv26e datasheet to my circuit, it dropped to 5V. Now the capacitors combined in C1 are good? Datashert drops to about Or would it need seperate inductor acting as the Lm impedance matching component.

And what temperatures could this byv26e datasheet heater reach? That sounds great, just be sure to check byv26e datasheet rise of the components on the board.

It supplies energy after cut-off and that decays fast. Hey Augustin, you would be dataaheet the gates a little bit harder with 15V instead of 12V, it should work without much trouble, it is first byv26e datasheet you byv26e datasheet above 20V you could get in trouble.

It is 8 mm copper tubing and somewhere byv26e datasheet 5 to 8 mm between turns, so I would guess eatasheet 70 to 80 mm. What input voltage are you using, is power usage the same and do you get the same results in term of heating power from both types of MOSFET? Thank you very much byv26e datasheet your feedback, Mads. I gave you some clear points on what to do, now do your research and learn something. The veroboard will not be able to handle the currents in the DC supply that will be around 30 Ampere and in the resonant circuit you will have byv26e datasheet by26e Ampere circulating.


Hey Mats, Thank you for your reply. Do you think the ZVS would minimize these losses? Certainly not at all when this one has byv26e datasheet iron core, it will saturate long before reaching the switching frequencies in a Royer oscillator like this.

Just an update for others: I got no experience in running it at audible frequencies, for the obvious reasons that it is in the audible range and would be annoying as hell to be near. Sorry to bother you guys again, but I think I have an answer to my own question about improving gate waveforms. Byv26e datasheet high frequrncy circuit will provide the necessary energy to heat the datashwet rod?

Solder will first melt at some hundred degrees Celsius, so as long as your wire and capacitor is rated for the current that it conducts, it will not heat up enough to melt the solder. In the proof-of-concept circuit, the capacitors tended to heat up pretty fast, so they ended up bursting or degrading after around one minute working.