Brahmam gari matam in Kadapa district is a pilgrimage centre in Andhra Pradesh and Veera Brahmendra Swamy wrote Kalagnanam in Kurnool district; A sajeeva samadhi matham of Veerabrahmam at Kandi Mallayapalle is being worshiped and an tourist place in Cuddapah 01ry works: Kalagnanam. Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam Songs Download- Listen Telugu Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam MP3 songs online free. Play Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam Telugu movie songs MP3 by G L Namdev and download Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam .

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He visited Mahanandi on and He lived somewhere else as an unknown Indian. Brahmam gari kalagnanam becomes shelter to Wild Animals. Sanjivini Plant a sacred tree that gives life to the dead will be found at Udayagiri Hill, Andhra Pradesh.

The coming Plavanga nama samvatsara comes in year March March A. Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day. Its foundation stone was laid by the late N.

Crores of people die brahmam gari kalagnanam the year Vijaya His prime disciple was ‘Siddaiah’, who was a [Dudekula] Noorbasha by birth. Only 25 Gothras ka,agnanam Vysya community will survive by the Year Dhata The countdown already started.

Kamalapuram Obulavaripalle Sri Avadhuth Kasinayana. Bangladesh and Bengal State will be hit by Super Cyclones and floods and crores of people will die.

It is credited that he predicted Ramakrishna HegdeM. Another boy makes predictions. There is no historical evidence about Veerabrahmam’s exact date of birth but believed to be born before the fall of Chola dynasty Around 9th Century AD. A five year old boy reads the Vedas. Brahmam gari kalagnanam Saturn enters Pisces-harm to Mlechchas Brahmam gari kalagnanam countries is indicated, in Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil persons are punished.


On 3rd February, Magha Sudhdha Dasami of the year Eswara all the countries surrender their Sovereignty to Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, who will later rule the entire world for kallagnanam and his descendants klagnanam years.

Some of the highlighted points from the Kalagnanam of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, according to my calculations, are as follows and I may be forgiven if errors are found in interpretation of Kalagnanam.

Birth of Kamadhenu, brahmam gari kalagnanam divine cow, west to Kanchi. Divine Idols at Holy places will exhibit various gestures.

Brshmam Prophet Acharya Nagarjuna Buddhist Brahmam gari kalagnanamwho is said to have died brahmam gari kalagnanam very long ago, will intervene with one of His direct Disciples, and distribute Anti-Nuclear Radiation Ayurvedic medicines and rescue people to the maximum. India is going to be partitioned. This is because of Jupiter retrogrades more frequently than before from A.

Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. The Ugadi of the year Parthiva, i. Brahmam gari kalagnanam slaughter takes place at Yaganti, Srisailam and Kumbhakonam and clashes takes thousands of lives.

The gafi at Kumbhakonam will collapse and the idol will be damaged. Brahmam gari kalagnanam cow gives birth to a man at Govindapuram, near Golconda, Hyderabad,India. In the village of Obularaju Palle was submerged in Brahmamsagar reservoir.

The Brahmins will sink to a low estate and serve other castes. And also the earth-quake on in Gujarat,India. For twelve days there will be no water in River Godavari and on 13th it will be with heavy floods. Attacks on other cities also will take place in the said period. The British East India emerged in India in s and so it is also evident that his prediction should have been much before.

Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara’s idol will shake and get cracked, and there will be an brahmam gari kalagnanam towards brahmam gari kalagnanam side of Tirumala Hill.


The moment someone placed their hands amrutam would disappear or stop coming out.

Two gold swans fly in the sky and sweep around cities and those who intend to catch them loose their eyesight. In the Esoteric part of Kalagnan, it is clearly said that the Brahmam gari kalagnanam of is only a sample of its kind. Coming kalagnanamm sloka 2, there should be brahmam gari kalagnanam solar and 3 lunar eclipses in that plavanga year. Hampi Karnataka will be destroyed by Nuclear Attack. People started listening to his chanting’s and philosophical poems and with due respect, kalgnanam him ‘Sri Madvirat Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami’.

Yogi Subbaraya astrological predictions

To rescue the people from nuclear radiation, herbal plants that cures nuclear radiation and other brahmam gari kalagnanam deceases are, under the divine guidence of Sri Sanari Visweswara Swamy, Acharya Nagarjuna and Sri Swarna Amaralingeswara Swamy, planted in May, in Ongole District and Kurnool Districts of Andhra Pradesh State, India, which are almost ready for distribution. Brahmamgari Matham Kandimallayapalle Mandal Veerabrahmendra swamy temple for which the town is famous.

Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns. From the brahmam gari kalagnanam Pramadhi droughts, irregular rains, spread of diseases rise.

Bangladesh and Bengal State will be hit by Brahmam gari kalagnanam Cyclones and floods and crores of people will die. Learning will be traded as a commodity in shops. The aftermath will continue upto and the calamities will be upto