Betriebsbedingung/P. Betriebsbereich/EPS. Betriebsbereitschaft. Betriebsbeschreibung/P. Betriebsbuchhalter. Betriebsdaten. Betriebsdatenerfassung. Dienstverhältnis/Q Dienstvertrag/STp Dienstvorgesetzten Dienstvorschrift/P Dienstwagen/S Dienstweg/EPT Dienstwohnung. Juli at: . dieser dem Angebot eine kurze Betriebsbeschreibung beifügen, aus.

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Enclosure class IP During these tests, the motors operate without problems and without being thermally cut out.

Installation Before the screws are removed, the system must be drained or the isolating valves on either side of the pump must be closed as the pumped liquid may be scalding hot and under high pressure.

Remove the four screws holding the pump head.

Three operating modes are possible: Disposal Disposal of jrw product or parts of it must be carried out according to the following guidelines: Es empfiehlt sich, das Kabel von Pumpe 1 zu entfernen. Switch off the electricity supply by means of the external mains switch and fit the speed switch module. Reduce the pump performance change to lower speed. Drehzahlwahl Der Drehzahlschalter im Klemmenkasten hat drei Stellungen.

Liquid temperature, see section 8. Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in alternating operation: Electrical connection and setting of the selector contact when using betriebabeschreibung signal output for fault indication.


The direction of rotation is wrong. The contactor must be connected to the thermal switch incorporated in the pump, terminals T1 and T2, to protect the pump against overloading at all three speeds. The pump has been cut out by the thermal overload switch due to high betriebsbeschreinung temperature or blocked rotor. Acoustic noise and detrimental voltage peaks can be reduced by fitting an LC filter between the frequency converter and the motor. Replace the four screws and tighten securely.

Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in betriehsbeschreibung operation: Meldeleuchte Beschreibung Leuchtet Die Versorgungsspannung ist eingeschaltet. Indicator lights Green All pumps with relay module incorporate a green and a red indicator light. Do not start the pump until the system has been filled with liquid and vented.

The pumps must be set individually and connected separately to the mains as shown in figs. The pumped liquid may be scalding hot and under high pressure. The green indicator light flashes.

Furthermore, it may cause the motor to be exposed to detrimental voltage peaks. The terminal box must only be turned to the above positions. Klonowa 23 Baranowo k. The pump must be connected to an external mains switch with a minimum contact gap of 3 mm in all poles.


Use this setting when betridbsbeschreibung pumps are to operate alternately as duty and standby pump. Liquid temperature Water in heating systems: For standard terminal box positions, see fig.

The function of the two indicator lights and the signal output is shown in the following table. Repair insulation defects and cut in the circuit breaker. The installation and operation should also be in accordance with local regulations and accepted codes of good practice.

On Off The betgiebsbeschreibung supply has been switched on.

UPS серии 200

Check fuses and connections. If the pumps are to run simultaneously, they must be set to the same speed. The table shows the maximum permissible system pressure at different temperatures: If the inspection screw is to be slackened, see fig.

Missing phase only threephase pumps. The red and green indicator lights are on. Die im Abschnitt 9. Schrauben wieder einsetzen und fest anziehen.