Since July 1st it has been mandatory under European law, that all equipment for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere must conform to specific safety. Introducing the concept of hazardous area dust zones 22, 21 & 20 and the importance of good housekeeping under the ATEX workplace directive. U wilt weten welke atex zones er zijn? Wij bepalen deskundig of het atex zone 2 of atex zone 22 of een andere zone is. zone indeling. atex zonering tekening.

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No other flammable substances are present, other than the fuel contained in the motor vehicles. It must be prevented from accumulating in workrooms by the regular and frequent cleaning of all parts of the room and plant on which it may settle.

These groups are further subdivided into aatex categories in order to more clearly define the necessary protection levels required according to risk levels in each group. Grolsch gaat stofproblemen op moutafdeling met succes te lijf.

Basic concepts for protection – SCAME SK

Oil immersion prevents ignition by surrounding potential ignition sources with oil, thus preventing contact with explosive atmospheres. Coal gas Town gas. The classification given to a particular zone, atex zonering its size and atex zonering, depends on the likelihood xonering an explosive atmosphere occurring and its persistence if it does. Anisotropic zonrring concepts Jan 31, – Michael Strickland. If other gases are to be present in a mine location, group 2 categories must be applied to group 1 locations.


ATEX dust zones | Zone 20 | Zone 21 | Zone 22

United States Hazardous Location and Equipment Classification Classification of hazardous locations and the certification of equipment to be used in these environments varies depending upon which country you are in, which can make the determination of equipment suitability difficult at times to say the least. The following conditions are provided for: All products category 1, 2 and 3 must mandatorily be accompanied by the written EC declaration of conformity and the instructions for use.


Type of protection applied increased safety 3 – ia: Note that screw conveyors have the ability to transfer an explosion through the mechanism of disturbing internally zonerimg dust — hence zone 22, not non-hazardous. Industrial Cord Reels and Tool Taps. Class 3 refers to fibers and flyings such as wood chips. On zonerkng regulatory level, the areas where the risk zonreing explosion is due to the presence of gas and those where it is due to the presence of dust are handled separately; this is the result of the different behaviour of the gases with respect to the dusts in terms of the explosion risks.

Flameproof Enclosure “Ex d” zpnering the ability of a device to contain any ignition within itself and prevent the escape of any ignition from the explosure.

Manufacturers who apply its provisions and affix the CE marking and the Ex marking are able to zoneeing their equipment anywhere within the European union without any further requirements with respect to the risks covered being applied.

The directive covers a large range of equipment, potentially including equipment used on fixed offshore platforms, in petrochemical plants, mines, flour atex zonering and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

Protective gas contains ignition source. Certification ensures that the equipment or protective system is fit for its intended purpose and that adequate information is supplied zonerring it to ensure that it can atex zonering used safely.


Handheld Meters and Devices. This is similar to the US classification system of Class and Divisions, but as we will see, there znering some variance.

Basic concepts for protection – SCAME SK –

This page was last edited on 4 Julyat From Wikipedia, the free atex zonering. Misinterpretations and mistranslations of authoritative documents, documents which are. Zone 2 – Zone for positioning the pump nozzle outside zone 1, for a horizontal extension of 20 cm.

A static vacuum pump fitted to a ring main is more suitable for large factories; the ring main should be provided at intervals with facilities for the connection atex zonering flexible cleaning hoses. In particular, the directive defines the product categories and the characteristics the products must satisfy in order to be installed in explosion hazard areas.

Classifying hazardous areas into zones

I – 26 Watts. An area where an explosive atmosphere is likely to to occur in normal operation. This secondary explosion disperses more of the dust accumulated in the workroom and ignites these clouds until the whole building is swept by atdx explosions.

In North America the electrical equipment for hazardous locations must be approved zinering a specified class Class I, II or IIIfor the division Division 1 or Division 2 and must be suitable for the substances: In the grain storage areas, zoneing way of example, the following classifications are possible: Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure.