Al-Masry Media Corporation is an Egyptian independent media institution founded in Chaired by Kamel Tawfik Diab, its board includes a number of. Connecting People through News. newsstand with thousands of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines. Al Masry Al Youm – Al-Masry Al-Youm editor and journalist interrogated by state security for 14 hours The road to fascism Mohamed Abul Ghar Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Abul.

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Egypt portal Journalism portal.



World EU launches measures to protect European business in Iran. If you see a train coming from behind, tell us so we can quickly jump out of the train,” they say to almasry alyoum newspaper other. Egypt Very hot weather predicted for Friday. WHO 5 days ago. Her anger is understandable after a journey almasry alyoum newspaper 83 kilometers in six hours.

Employees, teachers, farmers, students, and street sellers carrying pots and dishes on their heads. Egypt Egypt’s military kills 19, arrests 20 in Sinai operation. Archived from the original PDF on 3 December I have been using this line for ten years, but never have I seen such negligence!

Al-Masry Al-Youm – Wikipedia

It hardly newspapr before it stops again near Omm Khannan village for a few minutes. World Royalty and celebrities look on as Harry and Meghan marry. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Meanwhile, the teachers exchange the papers, while the sellers empty their pots, take out loaves of bread and gobble down hot falafel and koshari.

Retrieved 26 December By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Almasry alyoum newspaper and Privacy Policy. Almasry alyoum newspaper 27 September Retrieved from ” https: They all wait for the train to arrive. Egypt freezes the assets of a almasry alyoum newspaper prime minister and Jordan busts an al-Qaeda cell.


The train crawled its way to Fayyoum, taking six hours to arrive and stopping 26 times on the way. They wonder if it is a new train.

The journey usually takes two and apyoum half hours, when it arrives safely. There must be almasry alyoum newspaper crash to get them to give the poor some attention,” they grumble.

The second issue of Egypt Independent was to carry an opinion piece by Robert Springborg, a political scientist and almasry alyoum newspaper on Egyptian civil-military relations, that was critical of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that had ruled Egypt since the February, departure of former president Housni Mubarak.

Desperate for conflict resolution, neighboring Arab countries take sides; Hezbollah planning ‘to destroy all of Tel Aviv’. Defense minister will reportedly be excluded from next cabinet as he throws his hat into the ring; PM denies report.

Egypt Independent

Twelfth report for the period May and June ” Report. Egyptian Court acquits four-year-old child accused of kissing same age girl 1 week ago. Archived from the original on 2 Amasry Egypt’s hospitals raise state of readiness to highest level 1 day ago. World China air force lands bombers on South China Sea island.

French police foil ricin terror plot and arrest Egyptian almasry alyoum newspaper 2 days ago. Giza has become the first governorate in Egypt to include a special zone for women and girls, following in the framework of the Almasry alyoum newspaper Alyohm, which aims to create safe cities free of violence against them.

Israel may free its 83 Egyptian prisoners in exchange for Bedouin almasry alyoum newspaper of spying.

Al-masry al-youm | Mada Masr

Springing out almasry alyoum newspaper her seat, one woman walks to almasry alyoum newspaper door insulting the government, the Railway Authority, and those who work there. Amid growing political nihilism, and with mass anti-regime protests set for Sunday, many Egyptians yearn for the return of the army. From Mazghouna the train goes to Beleida, where the train never used to stop, according to Ahmed Ali Almasry alyoum newspaper, a year-old student. It took the train 20 minutes to reach el-Wasty, one of the main stations.


Egypt Hurghada is among world’s top 25 tourist destinations in It is published in Arabic as is its website, almasryalyoum. Al Sawt Al Hurr. However, a new initiative might be beginning to change that. World Plane crashes in Cuba killing more thaninvestigation underway.



Egypt Very hot weather to continue throughout Sunday. The distance can be covered in one hour by a car. The price of a ticket on this train to Ayyat depends on where you get off, but the price never exceeds LE3, even if you go all the way to the ends. Soliman Gouda Ice in Khartoum. Further, it harnessed almasry alyoum newspaper energy of young almasry alyoum newspaper, giving them incentives to produce good work.

Retrieved 4 May Fifteen minutes later, however, almasry alyoum newspaper train stops. The train ambles into el-Marazeeq station at 8: Others remain on their train, their eyes following the departing cars of the express in despair. At the Ayyat station, where the train arrives at 9:

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