AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Contract Documents are divided into six alphanumeric series by document use or . B– (formerly B– Part 1), Standard Form of Agreement . AIA Document B, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and .. There are many ways to modify AIA contract documents, and some work better.

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The parties agree that all dispute resolution proceedings shall be in the county in which the Project is aiw. Cool white for all other areas. Page 3 of 3. The Architect shall maintain a log of distribution and retrieval, and the amounts of deposits, if any, received from and returned to prospective bidders.

AIA Contract Document B | Arch Exam Handbook

Review of SOS documents to become familiar with the information and to meet with SOS to clarify aka concerning this information. Time Multiplier of 1. The label shall list every electrical device, plumbing valve, damper and other device serviced through that access panel. Name, address and other information.

This fan and vertical riser duct will exhaust all caging systems and the cagewasher. Please return the signed original to us.


Review and confirmation of Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc. The Architect shall ensure that any and all consultants engaged or employed by the Architect carry similar insurance with reasonable aai limits and coverages in light of the services to be rendered by such consultants.


Identify specific services to which particular methods of compensation apply. In no event shall the air change figure be allowed to drop below 10 ACH. If requested by the Owner, the Architect shall notify all prospective bidders or contractors of the bid or proposal results.

It is understood and agreed that the services performed under the accompanying proposal or any related agreement are not subject to any provision of the Uniform Commercial Code. The scope of architectural services includes the customary design, documentation and construction phase services for the above scope of work.

Laboratory casework programming and drawings aua casework vendor. Each caging system isolator typically exhausts CFM adjustable through a below-ceiling collar and blast gate damper.

Program Documents by Specialty Operations Solutions. Normal power for outlets and lighting.

The notes do not cover all sections of the contract. Sets a stage for an exchange of information at the beginning of the project. The Owner, Architect and Contractor may participate in the mediation process, and any fees in connection therewith shall be borne equally by the parties.

Seal the timer housing to the wall with a smooth bead of Aua silicone caulk. If the Owner deems that all or a part of such Change in Services is not required, the Owner shall give prompt written notice to the Architect, and the Architect shall have no obligation to change those services. Program documents by Specialty Operations Solutions, Inc.

All estimates, recommendations, opinions and decisions of Sterling Engineering Co. All emergency systems shall be on stand-by power, served by a new stand-by load center, mounted in the new suite.


Control using system selected by the mechanical engineer to coordinate with the existing building system. Scope of the Project. This letter of agreement outlines the details of the professional engineering services we will provide on a fixed fee basis.

Identify, if appropriate, milestone dates, durations or fast track scheduling. There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranties or guarantees whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to any service rendered or materials provided under this Contract or any related agreement.

Consistent with the professional standard of care, the Architect will interpret applicable ADA contracct with respect to its design of the building.

The Owner, Architect and Contractor may participate in the arbitration, and any fees in cnotract therewith shall be borne equally by the parties. List name, address and other information. Total for Additional Service Consultants. In the event of a proper suspension of services, the Architect shall have no liability to the Owner for delay or damage caused the Owner because of such suspension of services.

If a request for mediation is filed regarding a dispute between the Owner and the Contractor, which includes a claim involving the Architect, then upon written request by the Owner contdact Contractor, the Architect shall become a party to the mediation.