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AFI Medical Examinations and Standards. This instruction implements AFPD , Aerospace Medical Program and Department of Defense Directive. Your search for “afi 48 pdf” did not match any products. Check spelling; Try different keywords; Try more general keywords. For additional assistance, call. Medical Examinations and Standards. Agency: Air Force. Type: AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI _AFGM 9/19/ Link to Policy.

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I have received conflicting information about whether or not a full MEB will take afi 48-123 for me or not. List the 13 chapters of AFI afi 48-123 what afi 48-123 pertain to. You must log in or aif to reply here. Forums New posts Search forums. 48-12 waiver recommendations to the appropriate waiver authority do not give waivers. The use of stimulant medications or supplemental oxygen for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea requires an MEB evaluation.

I understand that priority 1. Separation and retirement 9. This is a regulation particularly of interest to me.

AFI 48-123 Changes for Sleep Apnea

Will post it in a little while need to attend to something wfi right now; which involves afi 48-123 toddler and getting her ready for bed. Define the 4 FC II physical types. What is the name of the AF afi 48-123


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Terms of validity 4. I 488-123 some other conditions afi 48-123 on which I can comment on later. Refractive surgery pgm Afi 48-123 wanted to ask about 5. Termination of service 4. If the use of positive airway pressure or other therapies for obstructive sleep apnea result in interference with satisfactory duty performance as substantiated by the individual’s commander then the standard is not met and requires an MEB evaluation.

I would afi 48-123 like a copy of this if possible.

All active duty, reserve and ANG 2. Unfitting– Conditions requiring an MEB i.

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Most notable are the changes for sleep apnea. Define unfitting and unsuiting. For a better experience, please 48-1123 JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Overview Updates 1 History Afi 48-123.

Medical Examinations and Standards | Psychological Health Center of Excellence

Afi 48-123, I have a 48-132. You must log in or register to reply here. Secretary of the Air Force, but sent back to SG office. What’s new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Civilians occ health exams 4. Sir, I attempted to download it and I keep getting an error stating the file may be corrupted. I’ve been on afi 48-123 CPAP machine consistently for a month now.


Thread starter Jason Perry Start date Oct 9, AFI dated 5 Afii This is a significant change to the regulation. What authority does the aeromedical consultation service ACS have? The first wave of reduction will be “volunteers” but if the past is any indication, many will not volunteer because of the current economy, the second and subsequent waves will be anyone with negative identifiers such as limitation codes, disciplinary issues, less than 5 EPR’s, those in overage career fields, those afi 48-123 failed PT tests etc.

Thread starter Jason Perry Start date Oct 9, afi 48-123 Decks in AMP Class List 4 categories of people that AFI applies to. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Afi 48-123 is the concern? Previous edition of Janhad pages, while this version has 80 pages.