Accutrend Plus. • Test strips Plus. • Alcohol wipe. • Gloves. • Tissue. 1. Place the instrument on a level, See page 80 of the user’s manual for instructions. The Accutrend Plus system, one meter delivering both total cholesterol and glucose test results .. 15 Cholestech LDX System User Manual. Inverness Medical. Accutrend® Plus: used for quantitative measurement of blood glucose and blood cholesterol, such .. lactate meter monitor user’s manual. Mannheim: Roche.

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Introduction Integrated control functions The Accutrend Plus instrument has numerous integrated or available control functions, including the following: Mqnual mem symbol indicates that the instrument is in memory mode.



Be aware the meter is potentially hazardous electronics scrap e-scrap accutrend plus manual should be disposed of accordingly. Power the instrument on to test the function of the new batteries. Consult instructions for use. Performing a measurement The flashing drop symbol above the strip symbol now instructs you to apply the blood. Alphabetical index Operating the instrument If a single measured value is stored incorrectly, one accutrend plus manual — will appear in the display.

Cobas Accutrend Plus User Manual

Cleaning Cleaning A clean optical measuring system is a accutrend plus manual prerequisite for determining accutrend plus manual measured values. The date and time on the display match the time at which the measurement was performed, and not the current time. Contents Product specifications Operating conditions and technical data Page 22 The Accutrend Plus instrument Memory Memory Accutrend plus manual The Accutrend Plus instrument has two memory areas, each of which can be used to store up to measured values together with date, time and event flags.


Page 76 Performing a measurement If the displayed result particularly when blood glucose is measured does not match your state of health or seems to be unusually high or low, check the meter function using a new test strip see the Control Check with Control Solution chapter of this manual. Instrument settings If the displayed setting is correct e.



Press the M button until the desired month is displayed. Medical staff accutrend plus manual other people using the Accutrend Plus instrument to perform measurements for more than one patient must be aware that any object coming into contact with human blood is a potential source of infection.

Accutrend Plus User Manual – Roche on Vimeo

Press the M button to change the currently flashing figure. In the professional, multi-patient sector you should use a suitable single-use lancing device to prevent cross contamination. When you press the button, the place of the measured value within the memory is displayed here: Performing a measurement A flashing arrow now instructs you to open the measurement chamber flap to apply the blood.

Also always check the battery condition after the display test. Performing A Control Test Quality control recommendation Performing a control test Place the instrument on a level surface or hold it in your hand.

Caution, consult accompanying documents. Use only the following items for cleaning: About accutrend plus manual manual Example of a display screen: The display accutrend plus manual automatically switches to the mode for setting the current month.



Do not touch the application area with the manyal. Introduction The Accutrend Plus instrument The Accutrend Plus instrument is used for quantitative measurement of 2 blood parameters: Performing a measurement Starting the measurement 13 Close the llus chamber flap.


Close the container immediately after removing strip to protect accutrend plus manual desiccant and strips, otherwise, the test strips may become unusable before their expiration date. Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning A clean optical measuring system amnual a basic prerequisite for determining precise measured values. The instrument must be powered off before you can accutrend plus manual the set mode. Performing a measurement Plausibility check after glucose measurement: Insert code accutrend plus manual can also be done directly before performing the measurement.

Performing a measurement Blood collection Lance the outer accuyrend of the fingertip using the lancing device to obtain a large hanging drop of blood.

The Accutrend Plus instrument is used for quantitative measurement accutrend plus manual two blood parameters: Starting The Measurement Performing a measurement Starting the measurement 13 Close the measurement chamber flap. When the instrument detects that the test strip is inserted.

Accutrend Plus User Manual – Roche

Quality control acuctrend Accutrend plus manual a control test Place the instrument on a accutrend plus manual surface or hold it in your hand.

Refer to safety-related notes in the instruc- tions for use accompanying this product. Safety information Protection against infection There is a potential risk of infection. Press the Set button to save the setting.