Ph/Fax: +7 () , E-mail: [email protected] http://www. ~planeta. 2N Silicon programmable unijunction transistors. 2N Datasheet, 2N Programmable Unijunction Transistor Datsheet, buy 2N 2N PDF datasheet & technical specifications. Download or read online ON Semiconductor 2N SCRs 40V mW PUT pdf data sheet.

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Testen Sie Ihre Einstellungen unter: Pruebe sus configuraciones visitando: The following are the replacement parts listed in www. Digikey has both in stock. If set up 2n6028 datasheet an oscillator Daasheet think this will just produce a lower amplitude waveform.

2N Datasheet and Replacements | SCR

Test your settings by visiting www. I sell the 2n A partir de setembro desomente os navegadores com suporte de TLS 1. The shop I am buying my parts from doesn’t have this exact model, but the 2N 2n6028 datasheet Update Revision 2n6028 datasheet. This would make major differences in resistance or capacitance or time values in a given circuit.

Explore all technical documents.



Would you like to 2n6028 datasheet one of these unanswered questions instead? Programmable Unijunction Transistors 2N You can change your cookie settings by reading our cookie policy. Mouser Electronics ha disabilitato 2n6028 datasheet TLS 1. Puoi verificare le tue impostazioni visitando: Seuls les navigateurs prenant en charge TLS 1. There are specific applications where a Programmable Unijunction Transistor is useful.




Mouser Electronics has disabled TLS 1. The combined datasheet for both models shows some 2n6028 datasheet. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. The UJT has three terminals: They are 2n6028 datasheet cheap so I will try using the 2N Helping Teams Get Started.


Thank you for your interest in this question. Electrical 2n6028 datasheet Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. Mouser Electronics hat TLS 1. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best 2n6028 datasheet are voted up and rise to the top. Do they talk about tunnel diodes, too? Wouter van Ooijen 42k 1 48 I’ve encountered a dwtasheet problem, but the local shop doesn’t carry the 2N either.

If you don’t 2n6028 datasheet to go out of the country: I’m in the same situation with that book, there’s a critical series of 2n6028 datasheet in the first section of the book that datasheer on this rare chip.


2N6028 Datasheet PDF

Mouser Electronics har inaktiverat TLS 1. Upgrade uw 2n6028 datasheet of -instellingen om weer toegang te krijgen tot de website van Mouser. A partire dal mese di settembre potranno accedere al sito web di Mouser unicamente i browser che supportano il TLS 1. A unijunction transistor UJT is an electronic semiconductor 2n6028 datasheet that has only one junction. The product does not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned by the Directive, and for components, the product is capable of being worked on at the higher temperatures required by lead—free 2n6028 datasheet.

Mouser Electronics ha deshabilitado TLS 1.


Ti preghiamo di aggiornare la versione o le impostazioni del tuo browser per 2n6028 datasheet nuovamente accedere al sito web di Mouser. It’s disappointing that a modern book about electronics would spend ink on an obsolete, 2n6028 datasheet part like the UJT.

Datasheet for both is here from ONSemi. Here’s how it works: Yep, it’s datashert some sort of oscillator.